Trends with Benefits: The Facebook fake news fallout and what to look for on Black Friday

Our latest weekly episode of Trends with Benefits features Nick Mokey, Rick Stella, Ashley Zagst and Greg Nibler.

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Our topics this week:

  • Facebook Fake News: Mark Zuckerberg is facing a backlash over how Facebook curates its news sources. While Facebook is essentially the world’s largest media site, its algorithms continue to promote fake news sites. Will it need to make some major changes soon?
  • SpaceX wants to cover the globe: Elon Musk’;s company just filed a request with the Federal Communications Commission to launch 4,425 communication satellites in order to create a global internet network. This ambitious and costly plan would make competition pretty sparse for this type of delivery. Is it safe to have so much power in the hands of one company? Or, is it worth it to just have someone other than Comcast?
  • Google Earth VR: Google sprung a surprise on everyone by launching a Virtual Reality version of Google Earth. It’s free to play via Steam on the HTC Vive. The all-encompassing experience will hopefully land on other platforms soon.
  •  iPhone 8 rumors and AR Glasses: Apple is working on making a big impression with the anniversary edition of the iPhone next year. Rumored to be in the works is a new system of integrated augmented reality. In addition, a set of Apple AR Glasses are reportedly in development to go with it. Is this truly forward-thinking, or is it just following the lead of other tech companies?
  • Black Friday preview: Is this going to be the best time to pick up that TV you’ve been eyeing? What about a new laptop? We’ll give you a preview of the extensive DT Black Friday guide.

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