Trends with Benefits: Self-sacrificing cars, Fruit Roll-Up dresses, TV gets real

Put on your thinking cap! We’re tackling some deep questions this week, and of course, because it’s almost Halloween, some of them are morbid.

Should your self-driving car kill you to save a school bus full of kids? David Weinberger, a philosopher and fellow at Harvard’s Berkman Center for the Internet and Society, posits the question in his first column on Digital Trends, and we dig into the messy specifics.

On a lighter note, media theorist Douglas Rushkoff thinks digital media has not only changed the way we watch TV, but the stories we watch. The landscape has certainly shifted, but are we really happy with shows like Game of Thrones that never offer any closure?

Finally, could 3D printing bring about a new age in the world of fashion and home design? Round table results were mixed, but please let us know what you think!

Today’s episode features Nick Mokey, Ryan Waniata, Bill Roberson, Caleb Denison and Greg Nibler. Please subscribe and share Trends with Benefits, visit Digital Trends and send in your questions to We also broadcast the show live on Periscope.