Trends with Benefits: Would you pay for YouTube? Plus the best shows for binging

With Game of Thrones season five debuting this weekend, we ask the panel what the best HBO shows of all time are, which are best to binge on, and how to avoid seeing dreaded spoilers in your social media feeds.

Google doesn’t own everything, yet. Reports of the Big G’s interest in purchasing Twitter may be slightly more than rumor, but Googilifying Twitter may be be a good thing.

YouTube is one step closer to launching it’s ad-free subscription service. Could it ever compete with Netflix and Amazon Prime, and would you pay hard-earned cash for YouTube?

Wearables can look through your skin and see your blood. Does that sound creepy? Case in point: BSXinsight. It analyzes muscle performance and quantifies how close you are to running at full throttle.

Today’s panel includes Pete Jacobs, Kathryn Peck, Drew Prindle, and host Greg Nibler.

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