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Jeremy Kaplan discusses Apple’s earnings call with CNBC

Digital Trends’ Editor in Chief, Jeremy Kaplan spoke with CNBC’s Dominic Chu to discuss Apple’s earnings call. While Apple used to be the company we looked to for innovation, Kaplan reveals the “hard truth” that it has now become a boring business. While yes, Apple is a well oiled machine that is constantly generating revenue with it’s many ways to take dollars from its customers, it is no longer the creative, exciting, inspiration for innovation in personal tech. This year’s iPhone looks just like last year’s iPhone. Until Apple can bring something new and innovative to its consumers, the prediction is that this will be just another routine earnings call and shares will continue to hold or drop. One new tech that could excite shareholders and consumers alike is the Apple car, their own version of the self driving car. We’ll have to see if they bring this up in the earning’s call or continue their tradition of being secretive.

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