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Netgear Orbi Voice Review

  • Neat, unobtrusive hardware
  • Wi-Fi access, Alexa, and solid audio in one box
  • Strong Wi-Fi speeds even at long-range
  • Circle with Disney parental controls
  • Advanced network administration controls
  • Scrappy, error-laden setup and lackluster ethernet…
  • Audio lacks the refinement of pricier smart…
  • App sometimes loses connectivity with router and…
Our Score 8

Samsung SmartThings Wi-Fi Review

  • Compact, unobtrusive network hubs
  • Converged Wi-Fi and smart home controller in a…
  • Strong network range and impressive wireless…
  • Simple network management controls
  • Disappointing wired Ethernet speeds and no wired…
  • Device management split across SmartThings and…
Our Score 7

Samsung Connect Home Review

  • Wi-Fi and smart home control in a single device
  • Attractive, compact hardware that blends into the…
  • Excellent network coverage around the home
  • Fast short-range wired and wireless speed.
  • Choice of standard or Pro devices to suit bigger…
  • Frustrating smartphone controller app
  • Clunky configuration experience
  • Live Internet connection required at all times
  • Slow mesh networking performance
  • Limited choice of network settings
Our Score 6

ZyXEL Armor Z2 Review

  • Includes four outgoing and four incoming streams.
  • Two USB ports for sharing media and a printer
  • Companion mobile app for lite management
  • Clean web-based interface
  • No means for turning off the MU-MIMO feature
  • Zyxel’s companion wireless repeater didn’t…
Our Score 8

Google Wifi Review

  • Setup takes only a few minutes
  • Elegant, minimalist design
  • Easy-to-use app
  • Less expensive than competitors
  • Only one open ethernet port, and no USB
  • Limited range compared to alternatives
  • Few advanced configuration options
Our Score 7

TP-Link Deco M5 Review

  • Unique circular design
  • Support for Ethernet-based Deco-to-Deco…
  • Unstable Bluetooth mobile setup process
  • No web-based backend
  • Wireless AC devices have a 433Mbps limit
  • Shallow “advanced” features
Our Score 4

Linksys Max-Stream AC2200 MU-MIMO Tri-band…

  • Two 5GHz bands and one 2.4GHz, for better device…
  • A USB 3.0 port for sharing files on an external…
  • Lower than expected throughput speeds
  • A possible unsecure connection to the backend…
  • Linksys cloud account requirement
  • Feels feature-bare for the price
Our Score 4

Zmodo Beam Alert Review

  • Easy to install and configure
  • Highly expandable and configurable
  • Flexible alert scheduling
  • Extends Wi-Fi signal with minimal effort
  • Long boot time
  • Pricy accessory ecosystem
Our Score 8