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Get rid of your boring profile picture with the help of these apps

profile avatarSick of stressing about your cover photo? Does your Mad Men yourself Twitter avatar feel a little 2008? Your profile picture says a lot about you, so if you’re feeling like what it’s currently saying is “yearbook photo” or “I’m boring,” you might want to spice things up with one of these avatar-improving apps. 


imadeface appiMadeFace is the latest image app to take the internet by storm. Select between a variety of face shapes, skin types, lips, eyes and accessories to create a face that looks like you, or Ryan Gosling, or something in between. There’s no loading up a photo so your face can be as interesting as your imagination.


perc appDo you look better in the round? Turn any photo into little bubbles of color from fine to coarse, light to dark, washed-out to full-on color. There are even fun filters that turn your face into a Klimt painting.

Cat Paint 

catpaint appYour pictures great but they’re missing a little something… and that something is cats. Whether it’s a cat in place of your head or a demonic cat behind you shooting lasers while you duck face. Say to the world, “I love fuzzy creatures and don’t take myself too seriously.” Say it with cats.

My Sketch 

sketch app If minimalist is your favorite Tumblr theme, this is the photo app for you. Upload your photos and choose filters which turn your image into something that could have been drawn by charcoal, pencil or even color pencil. The same company also makes a cartoonify app with more color options and a Christmas themed sketch app for when you want to be black-and-white-and-jolly.


cartoonize appDid you always want to be over-saturated and have a quote bubble coming out of your mouth? Upload a photo and add accessories from aviator sunglasses to an alien-inspired headband to your image, text and throw on a beard or two.


scoutmob stacheThe app for Scoutmob—think a more localized Groupon—features a fun mustache function which will add a “vested barkeep” or “Thom Sellique” to your photos. For when you want your Twitter to look respectable but with an edge.

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