Jenny An

Jenny An

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Jenny writes about technology, food, travel, and culture. She lives in Brooklyn with a MacBook that is like a pet. She has written for The New Inquiry, Interview, Conde Nast Traveler, and Mashable.

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Hack your way to dinner with these apps that make sense of your fridge

These smartphone and Web apps will help you answer the age-old, horrible question: "What should I made for dinner?"

How accurate is Google Translate, really?

Sometimes, things get lost in translation, as is the case when we tried a simple experiment with Google Translate. The lesson? You can't rely on free Web apps for everything, even if you really, really want to.
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How to replace your paper travel guide with some help from apps and the Internet

Getting ready for a trip? The Internet has your back. Travel mobile apps to make traveling easier and replace that paper tour guide and offer easy itineraries, new experiences, tipping help, and more.
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Get your Google Analytics in infographic form thanks to

Sick of text but want your site metrics? Infographic platform has a image-heavy solution that makes getting traffic reports a little easier on the eyes.
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Dude, where’s my Kickstarter stuff? Dealing with delays, deception and broken promises

A friendly reminder that Kickstarter is not a store - and a few tips on how to deal when you aren't getting what you were promised for backing a project, from a Kickstarter creator, no less!

A quick guide to handling a St. Patrick’s Day worst-case scenario

Need some app assistance on March 17? Here's a handful that could keep your out of trouble (or get you out of it) on St. Patrick's Day.