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Jenny An

Jenny An

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Jenny writes about technology, food, travel, and culture. She lives in Brooklyn with a MacBook that is like a pet. She has written for The New Inquiry, Interview, Conde Nast Traveler, and Mashable.

Hack your way to dinner with these apps that make sense of your fridge

Check out these mobile and Web apps to help you find recipes with what you already have on hand.
how accurate is google translate pk3kqrwa7devpuwwv8s3

How accurate is Google Translate, really?

Sometimes, things get lost in translation, as is the case when we tried a simple experiment with Google Translate.
globe travel

How to replace your paper travel guide with some help from apps and the Internet

Travel mobile apps to make traveling easier and replace that paper tour guide and offer easy itineraries, new experiences, tipping help, and more.

Get your Google Analytics in infographic form thanks to

Sick of text but want your site metrics? brings traffic data to you, infographic style.
kickstarter logo

Dude, where’s my Kickstarter stuff? Dealing with delays, deception and broken promises

A friendly reminder that Kickstarter is not a store - and a few tips on how to deal when you aren't getting what's owed you.

A quick guide to handling a St. Patrick’s Day worst-case scenario

Need some app assistance on March 17? Here's a handful that could keep your out of trouble (or get you out of it) on St. Patrick's Day.
tweetbot pirating

Tweetbot shows pirates why it’s the Twitter client with a (sassy) personality.

Users who decided to pirate instead of buy the Tweetbot Twitter client ended up announcing their thieving to the Twittersphere.

Land of the freelancers, home of the brave: How to find your next freelance gig online

Sick of trolling Craigslist for job after job? Try these Web apps and sites that can get you your next work from home job in no time.

Get rid of your boring profile picture with the help of these apps

Been staring at that profile picture for awhile? Upgrade your avatar with the help of these apps.

Sorry Vine, your porn problem isn’t going anywhere

As the app continues to struggle with censoring adult content, it might be time to take a page out of other visual social networks' books to cut down on the NSFW videos.
instagram etiquette 101

To Instagram or not to Instagram? That is the question

Before you take that next Instagram, you might want to think a little bit harder about what is and isn't acceptable.