Here are the best questions that came out of #AskTrump, the predictable disaster

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Albert H. Teich /

Not that anyone is (or should be) surprised, but #AskTrump didn’t exactly go well for The Donald. As a man who has made a name for himself by being rude, offensive, and sometimes downright cruel, the vitriol that Twitter turned back on him on Monday during his “ask me anything” session was highly effective as a collective venting session, if not as a strategic political move. While reports that the #AskTrump hashtag “backfired” may not be entirely accurate (after all, isn’t this publicity exactly what Trump thrives on?) it was amusing to see all the same, though I for one wish we could’ve seen a few pictures of Trump’s face as he read a few of the juicier tweets.

Keeping with Trump’s penchant for insulting others’ appearances, a large number of jabs focused on his infamous combover, which has disrupted more skylines than has his real estate. His looks in general were also fair game because all’s fair in love, war, and Twitter.

Then, there were the questions about his blatant and unapologetic racism.

And seeing as Donald Trump has no problem insulting others’ personal lives, there were no holds barred when it came to his family either.

There were comparisons to Hitler:

Questions about the makeup of his brain:

And of course, the age old inquiry:

Needless to say, very, very few people took #AskTrump very seriously, because can we please not reward him for turning the presidential race into more of a reality show than it already is?

In any case, Donald Trump definitely won the Internet yesterday, but more at his expense than to his credit. Still, it made for some supremely interesting Twitter feeds, and considering Trump’s historical success in the entertainment industry, it seems like he’s really found his niche. Being the butt of jokes.