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Who needs other apps to order food when all you need is Facebook?

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There are fewer and fewer reasons to close that Facebook tab, especially now that you can even acquire your daily sustenance through the social media platform. If you so choose, you can stalk your ex-lover while slurping up the chicken noodle soup you ordered from the restaurant down the street. Now, when you head over to the main navigation tab on both Facebook’s website and mobile app, you will see a new option entitled “Order Food.” That is, if you are one of the select users which Facebook is testing this new feature.

Think of it as Seamless inside your Facebook experience. You will be able to search for restaurants that deliver to your location, with orders fulfilled using or Slice. However, the entire checkout flow, from ordering to payments, takes place on Facebook — not one of these delivery sites.

In the website version, you can see all the restaurants available to you on a single page. Each restaurant comes with a featured photo, dollar signs indicating the price range, star ratings, and cuisine type. You will also be able to tell whether you can expect delivery, or if you will have to put on shoes and go outside.

Once you know what you want, click on the “Start Order” button, whereupon you will be redirected to the restaurant’s Facebook page, which includes another blue “Start Order” button atop the cover photo. You can select your desired items, add a tip, pay, and be on your merry way.

Post payment, a confirmation message will let you know that you ought to check your email inbox to confirm the order, as well as a delivery or pickup time window.

Facebook confirmed that this new feature is part of its October announcement regarding a partnership with Slice and, but it is unclear when users across the U.S. can expect to start seeing the option en masse. Rest assured though, the day will soon be upon you that you can turn to Facebook for literally everything you need to do in a day.

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