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These are some of the most-faved tweets of all time

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In honor of Twitter’s IPO, The Atlantic pulled together a list of the most re-tweeted tweets of all time, according to FavStar. The results were … well, a little boring. A Dropbox guide to getting more free space made it to number nine, and banal tweets from teen sensations like One Direction, Justin Bieber, and Ariana Grande sat atop the list. 

Twitter is better than that, so I hopped back onto FavStar to see if the most faved tweets brought us more encouraging results.

Some of the tweets don’t appear to exist on Twitter anymore, so I’ve omitted them. It should be noted that FavStar has a questionable measuring service – it somehow missed Barack Obama’s re-election tweet, which should’ve pulled in at number one with over 789,000 re-tweets. And a lot of the tweets listed as most-faved seem to have far fewer faves when you pull them up on Twitter than they do on FavStar. Mysterious. 

The first tweet listed as being favorited over 27,000 times on FavStar only shows 446 faves currently, so either most people unfaved it, or FavStar is full of lies. Anyways, here it is: 

Not brilliant, but a pretty good Tenacious D/Twitter joke, and a lot better than the dull stuff that the most re-tweets pulls up.

The second most-faved tweet also made the most re-tweeted list: Ben Savage’s announcement that the Boy Meets World sequel Girl Meets World was a go: 

Some of the next tweets don’t appear on Twitter anymore, or they’re really boring — there are some desperate plugs for attention that somehow garnered a disproportionate amount of it, like this random plug:

 But some of the top most faved tweets are legitimately funny and great: 

Of course, some are awful: 

Banality, distilled in Twitter form:

Despite any issues on Favstar’s side, one thing is certain: Being the most-faved doesn’t necessarily make your tweet the best. And yes, these all came from a platform that started its public trading at $31.3 billion dollars. Soak in the genius, everyone. 

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