Google donates $250,000 to iGotITtoo

google to give employees holiday bonuses raises zdnet christmasiGotITtoo (short for “I’ve Got Information Technology too”)  gives customized IT instruction through trained volunteers, paired with community outreach conducted by social workers.

iGotITtoo launched in 2007 when Santana Kenner, iGotITtoo’s Chief Executive Officer, and Clare Chiesa, iGotITtoo’s Chief Operating Officer, piloted a computer class in a community center in response to requests from community members to help bridge the technological divide between the “haves”–those comfortable with using IT and the “have-nots”- those without fundamental IT skills. The classes were been so successful that within a year the organization had three locations and 30 volunteers helping share their IT knowledge.

The Google gift will be instrumental in expanding iGotITtoo’s successful programming to multiple sites across the city.  “We are looking forward, with great optimism, to being able to advance your great work and ours through this grant recommendation,” said David Goodman (Senior Analyst, Google Market Intelligence), Jay Boren (Philanthropic Affairs, and Aya Okuma (Philanthropic Affairs, on behalf of Google’s Corporate Giving Council.

Chiesa expressed, “We are grateful and honored by this partnership. This gift will provide life-changing experiences for the communities served by iGotITtoo. We see this as an opportunity to reach individuals who desire technology learning and support – regardless of their socio-economic status.”

Kenner said, “It is our mission to end digital inequality by building communities’ capacities to leverage technology to improve educational and economic opportunities – a pattern which affects social capital in both the physical and digital domains.” The organization is undergoing a strategic planning process and is looking forward to launching citywide in 2011.