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Man taunting police with “Catch me if you can” Facebook post is caught

man taunting police catch can facebook post caught texas

Detailed by CNN recently, 27-year-old Alberto Rodriguez was taken into custody by police earlier this week after Rodriguez has issued a challenge of sorts over social media. Posted on a personal Facebook page, Rodriguez published a video of himself racing through rush hour traffic on a motorcycle. Traveling at speeds over 100 mph through San Antonio, the video was captured using a helmet mounted camera. In addition to the video, Rodriguez posted the caption “Catch me if you can…” as a taunt to the police.

Alberto-RodriguezOf course, other Facebook users alerted San Antonio police to the existence of the video through Facebook shares and authorities immediately started to look for Rodriguez. After the number of Facebook shares grew over 10,000 in number, Rodriguez took down his Facebook page in hopes that the notoriety would go away. Unfortunately for him, the San Antonio police department had already downloaded the video and taken several screenshots as evidence. 

Commenting about the video during the search for Rodriguez, Sgt. Javier Salazar told ABC NewsThis young man appears to be an attention seeker from the videos he’s posted. We’re hoping that his level of publicity will help us arrest him. The young man was commenting on the video like he was the one riding the motorcycle. It just goes to show that if you post videos showing off criminal activity, they will come back to haunt you.”

Earlier this week, police were responding to a report about a stolen motorcycle and that call ended up leading them to the location of Rodriguez. Police quickly arrested Rodriguez when he was seen running from the back of a house where the motorcycle was being stored. Not only will Rodriguez have to face previous charges related to outstanding felony warrants and a misdemeanor assault warrant, he could also face charges related to the stolen motorcycle. It’s likely that police will attempt to connect him to the motorcycle video and charge him with a variety of moving violations as well. 

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