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Reddit comments are now easily searchable with latest update

Hunting for a specific comment on Reddit may actually be easier to do now.

On Thursday, Reddit unveiled quite a few new updates to its search features, and the most interesting one is a new ability for users to search for specific comments. That’s right: The new comment search feature might put an end to the endless scrolling you’d otherwise have to do to find a particular comment.

Performing a comment search within a community on Reddit.

According to Reddit’s official announcement, the new comment search feature is “rolling out today on desktop” and will allow you to pull up a search results list of comments related to your search term.

We performed a test search and the feature does appear to be live on the Reddit website right now. To use it, simply conduct a search as you normally would and then select Comments at the top of the search results page. You can also search for comments from within communities (subreddits) in the same way: Just visit a subreddit, use the search bar at top of it, and then click on Comments.

In addition to the comment search feature, Reddit has added a few more upgrades to its search tools. These changes in Reddit’s search include an updated and streamlined search results page and enhancements to search results.

The latter involves things like relaxed search results matching (search results returned no longer have to be so closely matched to search terms) and optimizing search results based on prior users’ clicks.

The newly streamlined user interface for searching on Reddit is also expected to “prioritize posts over other content types” in response to feedback from users. On the new page, you can narrow results by Posts, Comments, Communities, and People, as well as sort them by things like Relevance and Most Comments. Results can also be further filtered by time period.

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