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Pinterest Lens update keeps inspiration flowing beyond the first search

Pinterest is making visual searches faster — with results that stick around to generate even more ideas. On Tuesday, September 17, Pinterest launched a revamped Lens, speeding up the process of using the visual search while adding the ability to save those searches to your Boards.

Accessing the visual search takes fewer taps with the latest update. Pinterest says both snapping a photo in the app or uploading a photo you’ve already taken is faster and easier with the new design.

Those photos — whether snapped in-app or saved to the camera roll — can now be easily added to a Board. While Lens was always designed to find new Pins to save, the update allows users to add their original inspiration to the board. Pinterest says those user-shot photos will also allow the platform’s algorithms to suggest similar Pins, effectively influencing future Pins beyond the initial Lens search.

The update also brings Product Pins directly into the Lens search results. Unlike regular Pins, these include the price and availability details on the Pin itself. Pinterest says the update makes it easier to purchase items similar to the photo that you snap for Lens — helpful since a recent survey suggests 80% of users start the visual search while shopping.

The company’s camera-centric search can now recognize more than 2.5 billion different objects in the home and fashion categories, Pinterest says. Designed to search for items where the right words are difficult to find or time-consuming, the company says that visual search will continue to be a focus for future updates. More than 85% of the users surveyed suggested that visual information was more important than text.

More than half of users said that visual searches helped develop their style, while almost half said they had a better relationship with brands when using visual search. About 60% said they use the tool while shopping in-store.

The updates follow several visual search and shopping-focused updates for the social media platform. Recent updates overhauled (and renamed) Product Pins, and added personalized shopping recommendations, while Lens has seen several updates expanding what the visual search tool recognizes.

The updates are rolling out now to Android, with an iOS version expected to follow in the next few weeks.

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The first update starts with the time-tested concept of QR codes and gives the idea some Pinterest flair. The new Pincodes allow brands and publishers to create their own unique code that, when scanned inside the Pinterest app, leads to a Pinterest Board. The first samples Pinterest is sharing, which start with Nordstrom, Real Simple, Kia, the Home Depot, and Kraft, show graphics that are more colorful and customized than the typical QR code. Any business account can create a new code for a board, Pinterest says.

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Pinterest says the ability to zoom in on a Pin is one of the most user-requested features. With the update, rolling out globally today on iOS and in the future for Android users, the app allows Pinners to pinch to zoom in on an image or a GIF. The feature allows users to see more detail, particularly in pins with containing multiple items, like a photo of an outfit or an entire room.

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Nearly 85 percent of Pinterest searches are made on mobile devices, Pinterest says. With the previous version, mobile users had to tap the search icon in the bottom navigation bar to access the features. In the latest update, now available in iOS and launching soon for Android users, the search bar is now at the very top of the home feed, which users see when first opening the app.

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