Sign up for Flickr with your Google account

This is part of a larger move to roll out Open ID on the photo sharing site. Google has been announced as Flickr’s first partner. Expect for more partners to jump on board down the road.

Unfortunately, this is only applicable to new accounts. Sorry, guys and gals, if you already have an account on Flickr you cannot change your credentials.

Fortunately Flickr is trying to make it easier to sign in. As they explain in their post announcing the news, “For existing Flickr account holders, you’ll still need to sign in with your Yahoo! ID, but we’re rolling out a few new features to make signing in easier for you as well. You can now sign-in to your account without having to leave the page you were on, making it easier to post comments, favorite a photo or add someone as a new contact.”

This feature is available starting today.

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