Tweetbot for Mac updates make it the best Twitter client in town

Tweetbot for Mac update

Watch out, TweetDeck: Tweetbot for Mac, still in alpha release, just got even better with the latest update that adds a new column view, a menubar icon for faster tweeting, and more.

The most substantial part of version 0.63 is the new column view feature. To access this, click the gear icon that appears in the lower-right corner of the user interface, and choose “open in new window” — you can pick whichever type you want, from mentions to lists to favorites and more. This will open a new window that does not have the other UI options included along the left side of the primary UI window. This allows you to monitor different parts of your account at the same time. Because you can use multiple Twitter accounts with Tweetbot, you can also open feeds from different accounts and run them side-by-side. Again, this is very much like TweetDeck’s offerings, but with a slicker UI.

Multiple new windows can be open simultaneously. And new feed windows can be joined with the primary window to create a TweetDeck-like, multi-column UI. To dock windows together, simply use your mouse to pull the new widow onto the left side of the primary UI. Additional windows can be added in the same way to the right side of any subsequent window.

Other changes include a new OS X menubar icon for faster access to your tweets, custom URL shortening, and the ability to choose which media upload service you want to use. Notification tweaks have also been added for Macs running OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

While these updates are quite minor, they are still a welcome improvement to what is quickly becoming the best Twitter client available. TweetDeck, which is now owned and developed by Twitter itself, has long been my go-to client thanks to its real-time, automatically-updating stream, and the ability to monitor multiple accounts at once. But now, with this update, Tweetbot dominates in both of those categories.

That said, TweetDeck still has some advantages. For one, it works on both Mac and PC. Tweetbot ONLY works on Macs that run OS X 10.7 Lion or higher. And Tweetbot has confirmed for me that it will not develop a version for earlier iterations of OS X. Also, TweetDeck is free, while Tweetbot is only free for now; once the final version is out, it’ll cost you a small chunk of change.

To get the latest version of Tweetbot, click the menu and check for updates, or click here. To find out more about Tweetbot for Mac, check out our hands-on walk-through here.