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Twitter and Google reportedly strike deal to make tweets more discoverable in search

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Twitter and Google look to be cozying up again following news Wednesday that the pair have struck a deal to make tweets more discoverable in the Web giant’s search results.

Kicking off in the coming months, Twitter will reportedly give Google access to its firehose of public tweets the moment they’re posted, Bloomberg reported. Before now, Google had to crawl Twitter for content, so the partnership should result in more Twitter content and more up-to-date tweets showing up in searches.

Neither company has yet made any official announcement on the matter, though Bloomberg claims to have got its information from a number of people with knowledge of the development.

Twitter and Google inked a similar deal in 2009, though it ended two years later, a development that led the social media company to form a similar partnership with rival search product Bing, owned by Microsoft.

With its user growth showing signs of slowing, Twitter is keen to bring its content to more non-users of its service, which should help it to pull in more ad revenue. On Tuesday, the San Francisco-based company announced deals that’ll see its promoted ads pushed to Flipboard and Yahoo! Japan, a further sign of its strategy to take its content beyond its user base of around 284 million.

Twitter is set to report its Q4 earnings later today, so there’s a chance we could hear confirmation of the Google deal then. We’ll keep you posted.

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