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You need to see these Tineco Black Friday wet-dry floor washer deals

Tineco FLOOR ONE S7 PRO cleaning spill with LCD visible

Black Friday is here, which means deals, deals, deals, and more deals. But while everyone else may be shopping for new TVs, game consoles, and entertainment gear, you are clearly looking for something different. Maybe you want a new, more efficient vacuum to help you clean your floors before all your family arrives? Or, maybe you want help cleaning up spills that your kids or pets make all over the floor? Whatever the case, Tineco has a handful of excellent Black Friday discounts that are right up your alley, or should we say, here to help you clean your messy hallways.

Both of Tineco’s smart floor washers are on sale for Black Friday. The Floor One S5 is $325, down from $500. Meanwhile, the Floor One S7 PRO is $559, down from $799. The deals will be available from November 17 until November 27, which doesn’t give you much time to take advantage, so don’t wait!

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Tineco Floor One S5 smart cordless wet dry vacuum — $325, was $500

Tineco Floor One S5 blue cleaning spill

With a clean water tank 30% larger than the previous generation of Tineco’s wet-dry vacuums, easy maintenance to cut down on your cleaning after the fact, and excellent features, the Floor One S5 is just what you need to keep your home clean for the holidays. It has a dual tank system that separates clean and dirty water. The iLoop Smart Sensor Technology automatically adjusts suction, water floor, and brush roller speeds during cleaning to ensure all messes are thoroughly handled. You can even monitor cleaning through the built-in voice assistant or via the Tineco App. But above all, you’ll be able to vacuum and mop in one go, with no changing components and no need to swap out devices.

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Tineco Floor One S7 PRO smart cordless wet dry floor cleaner — $559, was $799

Tineco FLOOR ONE S7 PRO child using to clean up

This wet-dry floor cleaner delivers continuous fresh water washing to separate the nasty pickup from the cleaning, meaning you’re not just pushing dirty water all around your floors. A self-propulsion system helps you glide the system across the floor, whether pushing or pulling and cuts down on the manual effort you need to invest in cleaning. No more feeling tired or sore after vacuuming and mopping your home. With a runtime of up to 40 minutes on a single charge, that’s plenty of time to clean even large, open floor plans. Moreover, the dual-sided edge cleaning gets along baseboards and hard-to-reach areas, so you don’t have to do multiple passes. A 3.6-inch LCD with a built-in voice assistant makes the entire experience that much better. You can see everything you need on the screen, including cleaning progress, stats, battery life, and more.

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Best price yet: Get $220 off Roborock’s Q Revo vacuum and auto-drying mop today
Roborock Q Revo cleaning near child

With the holidays around the corner and likely family and friends coming to visit, you can certainly use help cleaning your home. If you're doing everything manually, well, it's time to rethink your strategy. A smart robot vacuum can pick up the debris, while a smart mop can get your floors sparkling clean. We'll do you one better. Roborock's Q Revo is a smart vacuum and mop combo that offers auto-drying, auto-mop washing, and self-refilling features thanks to an intelligent dock. It's also on sale at one of the best prices we've seen yet for Black Friday, at a discount of $220. That means it's all yours for just $680 instead of the usual $900. It has everything you need to automate floor cleaning, so you can recover your time and spend it on more important activities. Grab that deal or head below for more details on the Q Revo.
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Why you should buy the Roborock Q Revo smart vacuum and mop

With dual-spinning mops, auto-mop lifting -- to ensure your carpets and rugs don't get wet -- and 5,500 pascals of extreme suction power, the Q Revo vacuum and mop is certainly powerful. Reactive obstacle avoidance combined with LiDAR-based navigation allows it to precisely detect hazards, avoid them, and continue cleaning without getting stuck or running things over like kids' toys lying about. But the advanced app and voice controls put the convenience of control right at your fingertips.

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Black Friday Deal: Grab Eureka NEW400 wet-dry vac for cleaning all spills
Eureka NEW400 with child sleeping quiet operation

Vacuums are expensive. Feature-rich vacuums, especially wet-dry vacuums that can handle all spills, are even pricier. Recognizing that there’s a gap in the market for more affordable options, Eureka has delivered one for under $200. Get excited. They're perfect for cleaning sticky messes, whether you made them, your kids, or your pets. But the most important distinction is that wet and dry vacuums can vacuum and mop all in one go, and you don't have to swap out devices, attachments, or anything else. At least, that's the case with Eureka's excellent NEW400 wet and dry all-in-one vacuum. It's even self-propelled to make it easier on you -- and it takes less effort to glide around your floors.

Here's the best part of all, though. For Black Friday, running from November 17 to November 27, you can save big on the Eureka NEW400, which is discounted to $140 instead of its normal $200 price. That's a total savings of $60, but really, even more, considering you're not having to buy a separate vacuum and mop. You can grab that deal below right now or keep reading to learn a little more about what the NEW400 has to offer.
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Why you should buy the Eureka NEW400 wet and dry vacuum during Black Friday

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Give the inspiring gift of ancestral insights this holiday season with AncestryDNA
Daughter gifting Ancestry Gift Membership to family

You can learn a lot about yourself and your heritage through DNA. Where are you from? How did you get here? These are precisely the kinds of insights that AncestryDNA® can provide.

Learn about your origins and ethnicity, find relative DNA matches, and discover distant relatives -- maybe even some that are still alive. Pair your DNA kit with an Ancestry subscription to gain access to military records, news articles, old photographs, and much more.

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