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How to watch every NFL game in one place in 2023

Man watching NFL package on Dish Network.

Live sports have a broadcasting problem, as many are figuring out. Even with a variety of streaming services easily accessible, regular broadcasts are being split up piecemeal between them. It means even if you’re only following one team, your favorite team, you must spread your time between several networks just to watch the complete season. But what if we told you there was a way to watch them all in one place, or rather to watch every single NFL game in the rest of the season through one network? That place is Dish Network, and allow us to explain.

Dish Network offers a variety of broadcast channels, allowing you to catch the regular NFL season, the Playoffs, and the Super Bowl, including even pre-season football games, all in one place. ESPN+, CBS, ESPN, NFL Network, they’re all here. You’ll never miss a game again — college ball, either. NFL RedZone from the NFL Network is available too. Want to know something even crazier? You can watch up to four live sports games at once with Dish’s multi-view feature.

Why you should sign up for Dish to watch NFL season games

We’ll level with you. Dish Network is more of a traditional cable provider, which means there is a more involved process to sign up and start watching than something like, say, Sling TV or FuboTV. Because those providers are online-only and streaming-based, there’s no additional equipment needed. Dish Network is the opposite of that, and you will need exclusive equipment.

That said, once you’re all set up, you’ll be able to watch every NFL football game, every college football game, and a wide variety of other live sports with no interruptions and no worrying about whether or not there will be coverage. Even Sling and FuboTV don’t offer every single game in one place. Some games you still have to watch elsewhere, effectively off-network. Many NFL Sunday Ticket games are on YouTube, for example.

Dish Network also has a Game Finder app that helps you instantly find when and where a team is playing so you can tune in without missing a yard. It will provide real-time box scores, and you can schedule recordings for upcoming games if you won’t be there to watch live.

Better yet, don’t have time to sit down in front of your living room TV? No problem, you can watch Dish Network anytime, anywhere with the Dish Anywhere App. Watch football from your tablet, smartphone, computer, or another compatible device, no matter where you are.

Dish Network plans start at $85 for 190 channels — America’s Top 120 plan — with a 2-year guarantee on that price and a smart HD DVR included so you can record live content to watch later. Do yourself a favor and go take a look before next week’s games start so you don’t miss the highlights.

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