Here’s how to disable the Bixby Key on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone

While Samsung has made huge improvements to Bixby assistant in the past year, it's still not everyone's cup of tea. Even if you are a fan, the placement the Bixby key can cause plenty of inadvertent taps. Here's the easiest way to disable…

You can create chaos for a self-driving car for only $60

Jonathan Petit claims that he is able to create phantom objects, like pedestrians, other cars, or just general obstacles in the road using lasers that could either slow down or entirely paralyze a self driving cars.

Is your phone full of bloatware? Here’s how to disable apps on Android

Preinstalled apps from your smartphone manufacturer or carrier can be a pain. If you don’t use it then you certainly don’t want it sucking down system resources. Even if you can’t uninstall, you can always disable, here’s how.
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Update: Verizon probably not removing tethering apps

A story we reported on yesterday appears to be false. From the best of our knowledge, Verizon is not removing tethering apps from Android phones.

Facebook and Twitter not removing WikiLeaks, yet

With a host of companies disabling or suspending WikiLeaks from using their services, Facebook and Twitter come into the spotlight. Will they remove the controversial site?