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Retweet this: Twitter’s ‘quote tweet’ button is actually useful!

Frequent Twitter users are likely well acquainted with the shortcomings of the social media service’s “quote tweet” button: all it essentially did was put opening and closing quotes around a tweet. Now, the button is finally becoming…
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Storify, even with its redesign, is in Twitter’s good graces … for now

Storify's new homepage surfaces up-to-date social content about current events, but is it still in Twitter's good graces? The team thinks so... for now.
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Another third-party Twitter client, Tweetro, is forced to charge its users

Tweetro, a Windows 8 Twitter client, is the latest third-party developer to hit a brick wall after its request for additional tokens was rejected, even though a native Twitter app doesn't yet exist for its targeted Windows 8 platform. Users…

Tweetbot for Mac is finally here… but it costs $20 and is in limited supply thanks to Twitter’s API restrictions

Tweetbot for Mac launched today, but Twitter's new API guidelines has left Tapbot with no choice but to sell a limited number of copies for $20.
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The debate over Twitter’s grip on its API comes down to developers versus dollars

Disappointment and defense come after Twitter announces it would start restricting access to its API.