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ChatGPT versus Google on smartphones.

Google tells workers to be wary of AI chatbots

Alphabet has told its employees not to enter confidential information into chatbots, including Bard, which was created by Alphabet-owned Google.
A digital brain on a computer interface.

AI ‘godfather’ says fears of existential threat are overblown

AI pioneer Yann LeCun has described talk of artificial intelligence posing an existential threat to humanity as ridiculous.
Laptop on Amazon surrounded by boxes of tech gear.

Amazon deploys AI to summarize product reviews

To save shoppers time, Amazon has started using artificial intelligence to generate summaries of reviews for some of its listings.
Bing Chat saying it wants to be human.

Microsoft may have ignored warnings about Bing Chat’s unhinged responses

Microsoft's Bing Chat has improved massively since it released, but a new reports suggest Microsoft ignored warnings about Bing Chat's bizarre behavior.
AI render of an online bad actor

Worried about the FBI’s deepfake warning? Follow these expert tips

The FBI says deepfake crimes are rising. We talked to experts across the board, and they have some critical advice to keep you safe in a hostile online world.
MusicLM prompt.

What is MusicLM? Check out Google’s text-to-music AI

MusicLM is an intriguing text-to-music AI tool developed by Google, and it's already making waves. Here's how to use it.
The ChatGPT website on an iPhone.

Senators to get AI lessons ahead of regulation decisions

In a bid to get U.S. senators up to speed with AI ahead of regulating the technology, the lawmakers have been invited to attend a series of briefings.
how to use dante create gpt 4 dantechatbotlaptop01

How to use Dante to create your own version of GPT-4

GPT-4 is the language model behind some of the best chatbots, like ChatGPT. Here's how to make your own version using Dante.
The Siri activation animation on an iPhone running iOS 14.

Apple didn’t make Siri a ChatGPT killer at WWDC — and that scares me

Thanks to ChatGPT and other services, the AI race is hotter than ever. But Apple and Siri are still noticeably absent — and it's not a good look.
Tim Cook at WWDC 2022.

Apple CEO says he uses ChatGPT, weeks after Apple banned it

With no AI announcements at WWDC 2023, Apple's CEO finally broke silence on ChatGPT in an interview following the keynote.
Memrise bot in the Discord app directory.

This GPT-powered Discord bot can teach you a new language — here’s how to use it

The Memrise bot allows you to learn language through conversation on Discord.
Profile of head on computer chip artificial intelligence.

These ingenious ideas could help make AI a little less evil

The winners of Mozilla’s Responsible AI Challenge contain a bunch of fantastic ideas that could put AI to good use in making the world a much better place.
Close up of ChatGPT and OpenAI logo.

ChatGPT creator seeking to eliminate chatbot ‘hallucinations’

In a bid to make its chatbot technology more reliable, OpenAI engineers say they're working to reduce ChatGPT's erroneous outputs, also known as hallucinations.
OpenAI's website open on a MacBook, showing ChatGPT plugins.

The 10 best ChatGPT Plugins you can use right now

The best ChatGPT plug-ins take it from an awesome tool, to a truly astounding ones. Make your life easier and more fun with these amazing plugins for ChatGPT.
ChatGPT app running on an iPhone.

Lawyer says sorry for fake court citations created by ChatGPT

A lawyer who used ChatGPT to help him prepare a court case has had to apologize after it was found that the chatbot had invented some of the information.
A person's hand holding a smartphone. The smartphone is showing the website for the ChatGPT generative AI.

Is ChatGPT creating a cybersecurity nightmare? We asked the experts

ChatGPT can help novice coders create vicious malware, but does this herald a cyber apocalypse or is the problem overblown? We asked the experts to find out.
Nvidia's CEO showing off the company's Grace Hopper computer.

Nvidia’s supercomputer may bring on a new era of ChatGPT

Nvidia has just announced the DGX GH200, an AI supercomputer equipped with previously unseen power. It might bring big advancements to generative AI.
Nvidia CEO delivering a keynote at Computex.

Nvidia is bringing ChatGPT-style AI to video games, and I’m already worried

Nvidia is bringing ChatGPT-style generative AI to video games with Nvidia ACE, and I'm equal parts excited and worried.
A screenshot of Windows Copilot being used in the sidebar.

Will Windows AI Copilot be the ultimate PC accessibility tool?

Microsoft has announced the Windows Copilot at Build 2023, and it may end up being a valuable accessibility tool.
The ChatGPT website on an iPhone.

How to use ChatGPT on your iPhone and Android phone

ChatGPT is taking over the world — or so it seems. Here's how you can access and use ChatGPT's amazing AI on your iPhone or Android smartphone.
Generative AI in Google Search.

Google’s ChatGPT rival just launched in search. Here’s how to try it

Google’s Search Generative Experience is an AI makeover for search that just launched in the U.S. Here’s how to try out the company’s attempt to beat ChatGPT.
Darth Vader stands in a hallway in The Galactic Menagerie.

Wes Anderson’s Star Wars? All the AI Wes Anderson parodies, ranked

Wes Anderson's Star Wars? The rise of AI-generated images has triggered many mash-ups of the director's style with popular franchises. We rank them all.
A mountainous landscape at night with the Northern Lights in the sky, a lake in the foreground, and a person standing under a rock archway on the right. This image was made with Adobe Photoshop's Generative Fill tool.

This new Photoshop tool could bring AI magic to your images

Adobe has introduced a new AI tool to Photoshop that could revolutionize how you edit all your images. But will it be a potent misinformation weapon too?
Copilot in Windows being used in the side panel.

These 2 new Edge features are making Chrome look outdated

Microsoft is showcasing several updated to its Edge browser at its Build developer conference this week.
Nvidia RTX 2060 Super and RTX 2070 Super review

Nvidia GPUs see massive price hike and huge demand from AI

Nvidia’s AI-focused GPUs are so in demand that the company has been forced to ramp up prices and delay delivery. Does this mean another shortage is on the way?
ChatGPT app running on an iPhone.

I found a huge problem with the new ChatGPT iPhone app

The official ChatGPT iPhone app is finally here, and I tried it. It's a slick app that works well — except for one huge, glaring problem.
AI assistants compared with ChatGPT.

Is Apple making its own version of ChatGPT? It seems that way

According to some recent job postings, Apple is highly invested in generative AI.
The ChatGPT website on an iPhone.

OpenAI’s new ChatGPT app is free for iPhone and iPad

OpenAI has released the official ChatGPT app for iPhone and iPad owners in the U.S., with other countries coming soon.
ChatGPT plugin store.

What is ChatGPT Code Interpreter and how to use it

The ChatGPT Code Interpreter plug-in is turning the chatbot into a full-blown data analyst in its own right. Here's how to get access and use it yourself.
A MacBook Pro on a desk with ChatGPT's website showing on its display.

Professor flunks entire class based on ChatGPT’s false claims

A college professor not familiar with how the AI chatbot ChatGPT works fails an entire class after accusing them of AI plagiarism.
Two rockem sockem robots facing off.

How to use ChatBot Battle Arena — find out which ChatBot is the best

The ChatBot Battle Arena is a head-to-head comparison tool for anonymous chatbots where you decide which is the best. Here's how to use it.
OpenAI's website open on a MacBook, showing ChatGPT plugins.

These 2 new ChatGPT features are about to change everything

OpenAI is rolling out big upgrades for ChatGPT Plus subscribers, two new features that dramatically expand the capabilities of the premier chatbot.
Amazon logo on the headquarters building.

Amazon plans ‘once-in-a-generation’ changes for Search, job ad reveals

Amazon is planning to jump aboard the generative-AI bandwagon by incorporating the technology into its search engine, a job listing reveals.
ChatGPT and OpenAI logos.

ChatGPT misidentified Japan’s PM, digital minister says

OpenAI's ChatGPT chatbot is impressive on many fronts, but it appears it needs to brush up its knowledge on world leaders.