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Stylus: When Good Design Powers Tech


The conversation always seems to be how tech is powering the modern world. “Stylus” is a series that instead looks at how good design is powering tech – and our daily lives – forward. We take a glimpse into the lives of small creators, and the devices that enable focus, unleash imagination, and fuel achievement in their fields.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Tech companies still don’t understand watch design

Modern smartwatches have been around for more than eight years, and while things have improved, tech companies are still churning out unimaginative designs.
building a custom keyboard is the ultimate design nerd hobby nmb0590

Why building a custom keyboard is the ultimate design nerd hobby

The hobby of creating custom keyboards is gaining popularity fast. At its heart, it's all about creating something that's unique to you.
huawei app gallery review september 2020 p40 pro hand hold back

Good smartphone design is no longer a luxury. It’s a requirement

Good design isn't only about the color and shape of your phone. It goes deeper than that, and it's time we focused on it just as much as the product specs.
The Microsoft surface Laptop 4 on a pedestal.

Major milestones in the past decade of laptop design

Laptops have undergone some significant changes in their design over the last decade. Here are the biggest ones.
Generated Venice cities

Algorithmic architecture: Should we let A.I. design buildings for us?

For most of human history, architecture has been a human activity. Now, we can do it with algorithms. But should we?
huawei matepad pro 5g hands on features price photos release date m pencil stylus

Tracing the history and evolution of the stylus

Styluses used to be no more than sticks that you could use to interact with a touchscreen, but in the past couple decades, they've evolved considerably.
dell xps 13 2020 review 05

OK, maybe thin bezel laptops were a bad idea after all

I have been complaining about the size of laptop bezels for years. But in 2021, thick bezels might be the new laptop design trend to look out for.
Hyundai Wearable Exoskeleton, assistive tech

This tech was science fiction 20 years ago. Now it’s reality

Twenty years is an eternity when you're talking about the pace of technological progress. All of these things were considered far-fetched 20 years ago