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Arun Budhathoki

Arun Budhathoki

Bio: Arun Budhathoki is a freelance journalist based in Kathmandu, Nepal. His articles have appeared in Vice, Asia Times, The Guardian, Strangers Guide, The Huffington Post, Nikkie Asian Review, The Globe and Mail, TRT World, The New Arab, and others. He has also contributed for Aljazeera, The Globe and Mail, BBC Radio 4, and Toronto Life as a fixer/reporter. Arun is interested in investigative, narrative and multimedia journalism. He's also a columnist for The Diplomat and a freelance correspondent for Asia Times.


huawei staff china military link report claims gettyimages 1153554439

Huawei’s staff has links to Chinese military and intelligence, report claims

Leaked employment records suggested Huawei employees have close ties with China's military and intelligence agencies. The new revelation puts the tech giant in a tight spot as it faces increased scrutiny from the United States.
google china military research project fighter jets j 20 at airshow 2016

Google denies working on touchscreen tech for Chinese fighter jets

Google denied that it helped China's military build a new touchscreen tool for its J-20 fighter jets. The tech giant said that it had no role in the military aspect of touchscreen research that could potentially give an advantage to Chinese fighter jets in both air-to-air and air-to-ground combat