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CJ Garcia

CJ Garcia

Former Digital Trends Contributor

CJ loves reporting on the newest tech innovations and products, even though he still refuses to replace his iPhone 5. When he’s not writing, the Oregon native is probably reading, travelling, playing video games, or justifying his love for MLS to his friends and family.

Xbox One X review controller in front

Learn how to change your gamertag on an Xbox One in just a few simple steps

Regret your awkward Xbox Live gamertag? Give yourself a refreshed profile by changing your gamertag with these quick and simple steps, through Xbox or your PC.
riptide r1 elite review

Riptide R1 Elite review

websites like airbnb holiday homes switzerland 008

Broaden your traveling horizons with websites like Airbnb

There are plenty of websites like Airbnb, and each offers something a little different. Here are our favorites, from Overnight to Hipcamp.
best science fair projects ideas 2016 04 13 17 00 10

These amazing science fair projects make your potato battery look prehistoric

From flying robots and a Lego spacecraft, to a device that helps people with Alztheimers, these are our favorite science fair projects.
hidden iOS 11 features

5 Hidden iOS 11 features that’ll make your life a little bit easier

There's more to Apple's latest installment of iOS than meets the eye. Here are a handful of hidden iOS 11 features you may not know about.
iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 7 Plus camera

iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 7 Plus camera: Is it worth the pricey upgrade?

When you pin the iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 7 Plus camera against one another, which one comes out on top, and is it worth the price tag?
Tomahawk electric skateboard center

Genesis Tomahawk electric skateboard review

It's loud, bumpy, and sometimes a bit scary, but the Tomahawk electric skateboard from Genesis is just too fun to pass up.
fitbit surge, apple watch

Can a Fitbit watch challenge Apple? Fitbit Surge versus Apple Watch Series 2

When you put the Apple Watch Series Two and Fitbit Surge head to head, you realize just how superior one of the devices are.
amazon ramps up dash button integration explainer header

What is an Amazon Dash Button, and should you buy one?

Amazon's miniature shopping gadget looks fun and easy to use, but the question still lingers for some: What is an Amazon Dash Button?
best mobile hotspots

The best mobile hot spots from your carrier for Wi-Fi access everywhere

If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ll probably want to see the best mobile hotspots for you and your next destination.
biggest movie flops The Lone Ranger

The biggest movie flops ever will make you wonder what studios were thinking

Between the five biggest movie flops of all time, studios have lost upwards of a billion dollars. Here's what you need to know.