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The end of MP3? Opus Audio Codec promises better sound with less bandwidth

The open-source Opus Audio Codec could transform what we hear and how we hear it on the Web.

Black Mesa: Source mod finally released

Gamers will have a chance to play the classic, original Half-Life with almost-modern technology, thanks to an all-volunteer total conversion

Intel’s ‘Moore’s Law Radio’ could transform the wireless world

Intel's Wi-Fi-on-a-chip technology moves us several steps closer to "the Internet of Things," where everything from your toaster to your garage door opener is on a network.

Indie Game Uprising unites Xbox developers, offers 11 games for $11

Eleven independent developers are banding together for this year's Xbox Live Indie Games Uprising, with a curated suite of original games available for a paltry $11.

Nvidia resuscitates Mac Pro with Quadro K5000 for 4K editing

NVIDIA's new graphics card will help keep the Mac Pro relevant for professional users, at least for now
Emerging Tech

Live translation app Babelverse secures funding

Babelverse has been wowing users with its "mechanical turk" approach to translation. Now the service could be on its way to a phones near (and far from) you.