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With over 25 years’ experience, Eastern TV News is Pakistan’s largest international broadcast service provider. ETN's experienced journalists offer specialized broadcast solutions – 4K, HD, camera crews/post production, satellite uplinks, streaming, satellite internet, teleport and fiber services – and original reporting from three bureaus across Pakistan, in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. We are closely linked to several similar providers globally.

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Hollywood. Bollywood. Karachi? The life, death, and rebirth of Pakistani cinema

Written by Wajahat Ali Pakistan had 1,500 movie houses just 50 years ago. Seventy remain, a near complete extinction spurred by the repressive Islamic government and years of sloppy work. But change comes to the country once again. Young…

In Pakistan, electric rickshaws wage quiet war with their sputtering gas cousins

Whiny, smoke-puffing rickshaws are one of the best way to flit through the crowded streets of Pakistan, but a new company says its electric models are quieter, greener, and cheaper to run.