Geoff Duncan

Geoff Duncan

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Geoff Duncan writes, programs, edits, plays music, and delights in making software misbehave. He's probably the only member of the Digital Trends staff who's played on hit records and had code running in space. He lives in Seattle, Washington.

Tim Cook: Apple’s elaborate money shuffle isn’t a gimmick. Honest!

Apple may be America's largest corporate taxpayer, but the company holds most of its cash in companies with no tax jurisdiction at all. Is that right?

Cheer up, Larry! Why the Google CEO’s rousing I/O speech rang a little false

Google CEO Larry Page has confessed negativity and lack of collaboration in the technology world saddens him. But let's not forget Google can harsh some mellows too.

Six tips to bombproof your password

Despite security breaches, passwords aren't going away. Here's how to manage your passwords - and give them the best chance of standing up to hackers.
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Is Microsoft trying to snuff out Android with its ‘tax,’ or just milking it?

Guess what? Microsoft collects fees on the majority of Android devices sold worldwide. Is this "Microsoft tax" hurting Android...or just your wallet?

A thief just made off with your smartphone. Now what?

What should you do if your smartphone, tablet, or notebook is stolen? Can tracking services or recovery software help police get your devices back?

Samsung amps up Android security with embedded tracking, recovery and more

Samsung's flagship Galaxy devices will feature security technology from the same folks who do LoJack for Laptops, burned into the firmware where thieves can't delete it.

Will the next 9/11 be digital?

The U.S. now ranks cyber attacks as a bigger threat than conventional terror. Could the next 9-11 come from the Internet?

Are smartphones the key to better online security?

Passwords are broken. But can multifactor authentication fix them? Smartphones could become the magic key necessary to make more secure next-gen authentication work.
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Why haven’t biometrics replaced passwords yet?

Password-based security looks weaker every day, so why haven't we started using high-tech biometrics like fingerprints, voice recognition and iris scans yet? As it turns out, all of these have major barriers of their own.

Will passwords ever go away?

Account takeovers and security breaches show passwords are weak padlocks on our digital lives. But can anything really replace them?
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Amazon plans to make it rain with Coins, but do we need one more virtual currency?

Amazon is hoping a virtual currency will boost the Kindle Fire and its Android marketplace - but will Amazon Coins be worth your time?

Will researchers ever be able to wrap their arms around Twitter?

Peering at Twitter is like looking into the Internet's hive mind - at least the Library of Congress thinks so. What can our collective tweets reveal?