Microsoft Sued Over VPN Technology

California software company VirnetX Inc. has files suit against Microsoft Corporation, alleging the software giant’s VPN technologies infringe on two VirnetX patents, one of which describes a method for establishing a secure communications link, and the other describes transparently creating a virtual private network. VirnetX’s suit seeks both injunctive relief and damages; the suit was filed in the patent holder-friendly United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas.

VirtnetX’s brief statement does not specify which Microsoft products infringe on its patents; Microsoft’s Internet Security and Acceleration Server offers VPN capabilities.

VirnetX recently entered into a merger agreement with PASW (formerly Pacific Softworks), which developed Internet communication tools and protocols; eventually, PASW shifted to embedded systems but by 2003 was a licensing-only operation.

Neither Microsoft nor VirnetX have commented on other aspects of the patent infringement suit.