Grace Nasri

Grace Nasri

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Grace received her MA in international relations from New York University. After graduating, she moved to Washington, D.C. where she worked as an assistant editor at an international Iranian newspaper and later moved back to NYC, where she worked as the managing editor of FindTheBest. Grace currently lives in San Francisco , where she works as a Senior Associate at the Bateman Group and freelance writes for Digital Trends. When she's not writing at one of her favorite cafes on Fillmore, she enjoys running, debating politics and throwing down on the foosball table. You can find her on Twitter (@GraceNasri) and her blog

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Facebook’s location tracking feature will push the privacy envelope – again

Facebook is hell bent on monetizing for mobile, but this increasingly means its invading former privacy settings users have become accustomed to. Are our standards flexible, or will the typical outrage associated with new Facebook features…

Russian search engine Yandex’s Wonder app is on the outs with Facebook – here’s why

Graph Search is Facebook's new, shiny feature - and Russian search engine Yandex's Wonder might actually one-up it. So what does Facebook do? Pull access, of course.

9 ways the Web and connected computing are going to change in 2013

It's time to say goodbye to 2012 and look ahead to 2013 - and to start making predictions about how our connected world is going to change over the next year.
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Why consumers are increasingly willing to trade data for personalization

As our comfort level with the Internet continues to increase, so too has our drive to hand over data in return for personalized experiences.
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Promoted Posts are Facebook’s way to keep everyone happy – but is it working?

As Facebook struggles to keep its focus fair and balanced between users, brands, and investors, Promoted Posts and its EdgeRank system are the latest to come under fire.
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Presidential candidates don’t always meme what they say

In the age of the Internet, memes, and social media — when viral Twitter hashtags, Facebook pages, and political images are created, stripped of context and distributed seconds after a gaffe — presidential candidates are no longer in…