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interview blizzard quest designer talks world of warcraft mists pandaria fp

Interview: Blizzard quest designer talks World of WarCraft: Mists of Pandaria

blizzcon 2011 starcraft ii heart of the swarm preview fp

BlizzCon 2011: StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm preview

StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm: A closer look at new multiplayer units

blizzcon 2011 diablo iii preview

BlizzCon 2011 Diablo III preview

From Pong to anti-aging games: Nolan Bushnell discusses the future of gaming

Come for the Fall of Earth, stay for the co-op: BioWare introduces four-player co-op play to Mass Effect 3

First look at Syndicate

interview cliff bleszinski on games guns and gears of war 3 fp

Interview: Cliff Bleszinski on games, guns and Gears of War 3

guillermo del toro is insane about gaming thumb

Guillermo del Toro is ‘inSANE’ about gaming

messing with success sledgehammer talks call of duty modern warfare 3 carousel image 2011 003

Messing with success: Sledgehammer talks Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

dota 2 preview how valve is building its first rts from the ground up fp

Dota 2 preview: How Valve is building its first RTS from the ground up

behind closed doors with lollipop chainsaw zombies cheerleaders gore screen fp

Behind closed doors with Lollipop Chainsaw: Zombies, cheerleaders, gore

preview battlefield 3 co op and conquest multiplayer modes fp

Preview: Battlefield 3 co-op and Conquest multiplayer modes

ninja theory previews devil may cry reboot at gamescom 2011 fp

Ninja Theory previews Devil May Cry reboot at Gamescom 2011

elder scrolls skyrim preview a world you can sink your sword into cave

Elder Scrolls Skyrim preview: A world you can sink your sword into

jagged alliance online preview a classic reborn for the browser fp

Jagged Alliance Online preview: A classic reborn for the browser

borderlands 2 preview improved guns smarter enemies midgets on shields borderland fp

Borderlands 2 preview: Improved guns, smarter enemies, midgets on shields?

capcom thinks big with sprawling open worlds in dragons dogma bow arrow fire

Capcom thinks big with sprawling open worlds in Dragon’s Dogma

resident evil franchise balloons with new games hd remakes movies thumb

Resident Evil franchise balloons with new games, HD remakes, movies

stan lee headshot high res

Interview: Stan Lee talks comics, computers and Comic-Con

interview entourage actors kevin dillon and jerry ferrara still have game need for speed fp

Interview: Entourage actors Kevin Dillon and Jerry Ferrara still have game

comic book legend jim lee talks games green lantern and the con thumbnail

Comic-book legend Jim Lee talks games, Green Lantern and the Con

playable tv chuck star zac levi envisions games colliding with television zachary

Playable TV: Chuck star Zac Levi envisions games colliding with television

play free or die hard how online games are ravaging pay to rpgs league of legends 1

Play free or die hard: How free online games are ravaging pay-to-play RPGs

video game researchers weigh in on supreme court ruling gears of war 2 double chainsaw kill

Video game researchers weigh in on Supreme Court ruling

experienced alien slayers falling skies stars talk gaming thumb

Experienced alien slayers: Falling Skies stars talk gaming

new game engine brings hitman absolution to the masses thumb

New game engine brings Hitman: Absolution to the masses

interview rockstar wants your parents to play la noire thumb

Interview: Rockstar wants your parents to play L.A. Noire

interview cast thor sega god of thunder video game adaptation thumb

Interview: Cast of Thor goes virtual in Sega’s God of Thunder adaptation

Twisted Metal

David Jaffe talks about Hollywood convergence and his upcoming Twisted Metal title

game developers eye ipad 2 as next gen console games thumb

Game developers eye iPad 2 as next-gen console