John Gaudiosi

John Gaudiosi

John Gaudiosi has been covering video games for over 25 years, dating back to his work for The Washington Post while in college. Over the years, John has focused on the convergence of Hollywood and gaming for outlets like The Hollywood Reporter, Variety and Entertainment Weekly. He now covers all aspects of gaming, including the intersection of sports and games, as well as new gaming technology like virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. And he tracks down some of the biggest names in Hollywood to discuss their latest film and television projects. John resides in North Carolina, where he's active in dog rescue.

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Smart Home

Watch your lawn mower cut your grass – while you sit on your front porch sipping a beer

Husqvarna Group is targeting the smart home audience with Automowers, which will communicate with Amazon Alexa beginning later this year. Owners might someday even be able to watch drones cut their lawn.

Want to live in a futuristic smart city today? Take a cruise

Cruise ships are rapidly evolving to integrate sensors, connected devices, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing to create a next-gen experience for passengers. We look at how Carnival, MSC, and Royal Caribbean are implementing the…
Movies & TV

From ‘Fifth Element’ to ‘Valerian,’ Luc Besson serves sci-fi straight, no chaser

Director Luc Besson has had success across the action and sci-fi genres over the years as both a writer and a director. In this exlusive interview he talks about his legacy, from La Femme Nikita to Valerian and the City of a Thousand…
Movies & TV

The Walking Dead’ creator Robert Kirkman dishes deep on his next big project

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman talks about his new comic, Oblivion Song, and explains how the world’s most popular television show continues to evolve in this exclusive interview.
Movies & TV

Daniel Radcliffe talks ‘Jungle’ survival and lessons gleaned from Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe has spent his post-Harry Potter career playing an eclectic array of characters on stage and in film, and returns to the big screen in Jungle, the real-life story of one man's struggle to survive in the jungle.
Emerging Tech

How do you get kids into coding? Tynker and Parrot let them use it to fly drones

"Homework" may never be the same. Tynker and Parrot have teamed up to teach kids coding with drones that they can program to fly using an intuitive block-based language, written on tablets.