Joshua Bateman

Joshua Bateman

Joshua Bateman is based in Greater China. He has covered a variety of topics related to Asia including investing, entrepreneurship, renewable energy, agriculture, gaming, sports, art, and Chinese consumption trends.

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Inside the creative maker spaces proving China can do more than manufacture

We tagged along with the founder of a Shenzhen-based makerspace to get a taste of what it’s like to bring an idea to life in the Mecca of electronics manufacturing

Puff, Puff, recharge. E-cigarettes are booming, and China is ground zero

The e-cigarette industry is growing rapidly, and China is at the epicenter. Inside the three-day eCig Expo, vendors show off new wares, do business, and discuss the opportunities – and challenges – of selling the world a new way to…

We flew to Shenzhen to experience China’s insane electronics bazaar firsthand

We’ve all bought gadgets for too-good-to-be-true prices from Chinese online retailers, but what do these places even look like behind the screen? We flew to Shenzhen to find out.