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Joshua Bateman

Joshua Bateman

Joshua Bateman is based in Greater China. He has covered a variety of topics related to Asia including investing, entrepreneurship, renewable energy, agriculture, gaming, sports, art, and Chinese consumption trends.

Fruit and vegetable vending machine.

In China, lowly vending machines are transforming into smart storefronts

China is revitalizing the vending machine to offer a variety of things, from food to household goods. In the future, you may also buy a car from one. See how they are also changing from dumb terminals to smart kiosks.
chinese makerspace troublemaker logo

Inside the creative maker spaces proving China can do more than manufacture

E-Cigarette hispters

Puff, Puff, recharge. E-cigarettes are booming, and China is ground zero

At China’s e-cigarette expo, vendors show off new wares, do business, and discuss the opportunity to sell the world a new way to smoke.
meeting a chinese online retailer in shenzhen we flew to china meet an anonymous

We flew to Shenzhen to experience China’s insane electronics bazaar firsthand