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Kayla Matthews

Kayla Matthews


Kayla Matthews has written about smart homes and technology for Houzz, Dwell, Curbed and Inman. She is a senior writer for MakeUseOf, as well as the founder and owner of

amazon echo vs apple homepod

How to connect smart home gadgets to your Amazon Alexa device

Here's a look at how to connect your smart home devices to Alexa, along with tips on how to easily control them with your voice or smartphone app.
Amazon Echo on kitchen counter.

How millennials can learn to #adult with Amazon Alexa

Baby boomers and Gen X might remember how they had to learn to #adult -- by asking someone or simply figuring it out as you went along. However, millennials have a new option for #adulting - using an Amazon Alexa device.
Amazon Echo Plus

Celebrate dad on Father’s Day with the help of Alexa and Google Assistant

There are many different ways you can celebrate your dad on Father's Day this year. Alexa and Google Assitant are getting in on the festivities, too! Use your Echo or Google Home smart speaker to tell dad jokes, play games, and more. Keep reading to find out more.
schlage locks and google home  sense with wifi adapter lifestyle 2 1

Schlage locks and Google Home team up to make your smart home safer

Schlage locks and Google Home have joined forces to make smart locks easy to use for Google and Android fans. Schlage was previously able to be paired with Amazon Alexa, so it only makes sense that Google Home users should be able to control these smart locks, too.
Apple Homepod

Apple HomePod tips and tricks to get you started

Did you know your Apple HomePod can do way more than play music? If you don't already know these HomePod tips and tricks, you'll be glad you read them. Learn about how to unlock the full set of features available on your HomePod.
smarten dumb house z wave automation smart products

Could this Z-Wave vulnerability put millions of smart home devices at risk?

Researchers at a penetration testing company have discovered a Z-wave vulnerability that could put millions of smart home devices at risk. Z-Wave released a statement in response to the findings, saying it is confident its smart devices are secure and not vulnerable to threats.
dyson pure cool air purifying fan

This air purifying fan is everything your seasonal allergies need

A new release from Dyson, the Pure Cool is an air purifying fan that cleans the air in your home quietly and efficiently, and it isn't an eyesore either. It can be used year-round, employing a reverse airflow method in the winter so you don’t get too chilly. Click to learn more.
A family playing games with an Echo Show.

Let Alexa and Google Assistant help you celebrate Mom on Mother’s Day

Need to make last-minute brunch reservations for Mother's Day? Forget to order her flowers? Let Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant help you with that. Both voice assistants have rolled out some new features just for mom.
Amazon Echo Plus review aux plugged in

Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant can hear silent commands that you can’t

Researchers have proven that voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri can hear silent commands that the human ear can't pick up. In some cases, researchers have been able to embed commands directly into white noise or musical recordings and users were unable to perceive them.

Hey, Google, preheat the oven: More commands coming to Whirlpool appliances

Hey Google, preheat the oven. Hey Google, start the dishwasher. Whirlpool is making improvements to how users control their smart appliances with the Google Assistant. Whirlpool voice commands will now be shorter and more practical.
smart dresser v3

Smart dresser could help people with dementia achieve more independence

Daily tasks that seem insignificant to many of us can present major challenges for people living with dementia. For those suffering from dementia, the lack of independence it causes can be frustrating. Thankfully, researchers have created a smart dresser that might be able to help, if only in a small way.
Bose SoundTouch and Echo Dot bundle

Amazon has fixed a bug that allowed hackers to listen in on Alexa devices

Amazon has fixed a bug that made it possible for hackers to listen in on you via Amazon Alexa by creating an Alexa skill. By manipulating a specific Alexa feature, researchers were able to prove the hack was possible, and that it could be used to obtain a word-for-word transcript of users' conversations.

How to set up Routines on your Google Home device

Google Home has launched a Routines feature. Now your Google Home, Home Mini, or Home Max can help you wake up, get ready for bed or welcome you home from work. Here's how to set up Routines on Your Google Home Device.