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‘To be left behind in tech is to be left behind.’ Jesse Jackson on digital diversity

Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson has been fighting for tech diversity and equality since the early 2000s, and recently, his efforts have begun to pay off. But he says the industry still has a ways to go.

Facebook developing standalone camera app with live-streaming capabilities

Facebook is reportedly working on a camera app similar to Snapchat that would also allow users to live-stream from their smartphones. Over the past year, live-streaming has become a top priority for the social network.
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Watch an AI bot instantly learn all the details to 'Game of Thrones' plotlines

As "Game of Thrones'" season 6 Sunday premiere draws near, fans of all shapes and sizes -- including artificial-intelligence bots -- are doing all they can to recap season 5 as quickly as possible.

The PC's Internet usage share may have peaked last year, as users turn towards mobile

Two reports this week show that desktop internet usage may have peaked in 2015 and is on the decline while the number of people who rely on mobile for home internet has doubled since 2013.

Kanye West facing potential class-action lawsuit for breaking Tidal exclusivity promise

A frustrated fan is suing Kanye West, saying the rapper tricked millions into signing up for Tidal after tweeting that his latest album, "The Life Of Pablo," would never be available anywhere else.

YouTube rolls out 360 video live streaming, will showcase Coachella acts

YouTube plans to show off its new 360 live-streaming technology this weekend at the Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival. Select artists performances will be streamed in the new format.