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Uber is offering $1,000 rides aboard a Scuber submarine to the Great Barrier Reef

Publicity stunt or not, the Scuber initiative will also donate the full value of every underwater tour to Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef. The best part? You and a friend could even catch a ride and a trip to Australia for free.

The recently revealed McLaren GT is a road trip-ready supercar

This is the first-ever McLaren built exclusively for the road and not the racetrack.

Take a Don Draper-worthy road trip in this vintage $225,000 RV

Everything from the unique shape down to the luxury finishes makes this fully restored travel trailer worth the price. It's even been signed by Chuck Pelly.
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The Manual Grooming Awards 2018

It can be confusing for guys to figure out what product works for them without buying, trying, and potentially hating — and wasting — multiple options. To prevent that, we bring you the best of the best men’s grooming products of 2018…

Could Vaustil Primero be the smartest grill in the world?

The Primero was fully funded via Kickstarter within 20 hours, which caused us to ask: What is so cool about this grill?

Combar heavy duty multitool ain’t your grandpa’s pocketknife

This durable multi-tool was designed and built by Israeli Special Ops forces, so you know it's tough.