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Thor Benson

Thor Benson

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Thor Benson is a writer for Digital Trends. He enjoys writing about tech related to music, culture, politics and more. His writing can also be found in VICE Magazine, The Portland Mercury and elsewhere. He can be found at a run-down whiskey bar. @thor_benson

The hominid battling agents in Alien Hominid.

The best Flash games

There's something special about browser-based Flash games. In this list, we'll go through the best Flash games ever, along with what makes them so special.
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Our favorite Instagram users by category

Come find out what our favorite Instagram accounts are and why. We have compiled the best list in the world.
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Sick of Outlook? Here are our picks for the best alternative email clients

Microsoft Outlook isn't the only email client on the block. Check out our top picks for the best desktop email clients available for Windows and Mac OS X.
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Best screencasting programs for Windows and Mac

Check out our picks of the best screencasting tools for Windows and Mac.
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Russia’s wiretapping ‘SORM boxes’ in Sochi make the NSA look like saints

If you thought the NSA was bad, the kind of surveillance that will be taking place at the Sochi Olympics is much worse.

Painlessly capture screenshots with these free apps for Mac and PC

Do you ever need to capture exactly what's going on on your screen? Of course. Well, here are the best tools for that.
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Want unlimited texts? Circumvent the phone companies with these free texting apps

Are you sick and tired of paying for unlimited texts? Stop paying for them with these apps and save enough for a night out.

From ‘Fear and Loathing’ to ‘Life Aquatic’: The best unconventional guy movies

A list of movies that goes beyond what is typically characterized as "guy movies" and digs a little deeper.
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The coolest futuristic phone concepts

We scoured the internet for futuristic phones, and it made us feel ... old. We decided to show them to you.
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Bored of Instagram but don’t want to quit? Spice things up a bit

If you're tired of the same old Instagram filters, here are some fun apps to inject something new into your pictures.

Top 5 software programs for DJs

What programs do you need to buy if you're getting started as a professional DJ? Check out the best software for live DJing.