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Thor Benson

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Thor Benson is a writer for Digital Trends. He enjoys writing about tech related to music, culture, politics and more. His writing can also be found in VICE Magazine, The Portland Mercury and elsewhere. He can be found at a run-down whiskey bar. @thor_benson

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Russia’s wiretapping ‘SORM boxes’ in Sochi make the NSA look like saints

If you thought the NSA was bad, the kind of surveillance that will be taking place at the Sochi Olympics is much worse. Meet the Russian government's SORM boxes,

How to cheat in Words With Friends (you monster)

If you're the kind of sneaky person that wants to win at any cost, we will totally help you cheat in Words With Friends. Why should we care?

From ‘Fear and Loathing’ to ‘Life Aquatic’: The best unconventional guy movies

We all know 'Die Hard' and 'The Godfather' are "guy movies," but how about the movies that guys like for more than just the action? We have a couple of suggestions to fill that void.

10 awesome smartphone concepts that may never exist

We scoured the Internet to find futuristic phones and this is what we found. From concepts that already look dated to ideas so crazy they may never see the light of day, the future of mobile phones may be in this article.
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Top 5 software programs for DJs

What programs do you need to buy if you're getting started as a professional DJ? We found some of the best ones out there and made a list for you. Check out the best software for your live DJing.