Our favorite Instagram users by category

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We scoured the internet for Instagram accounts that really caught our attention and this is what we got. Some of these are big names, others are small-time, but they’re all very talented. We specifically didn’t only target well-known accounts because there’s so much out there. We looked for well-composed shots, the overall feel of their portfolio, people that seemed interesting, and frequent Instagram use. Some accounts were left out solely for covering too many subjects.

Landscape/Cityscape Photographers

sserkan34 photo

Sserkan34 – This guy is a professional nature photographer that takes some really unbelievable shots. He does landscapes, cityscapes, and more. He’s a Turkish photographer and has over 80K followers. We kind of found him on accident but we’re glad we did. He uses colors and textures really well, and much of his photography is somewhat surreal. He’s definitely someone to check out.

 appletreeroad_luke photo

Appletreeroad_luke – A freelance photographer from Sydney that does some really great work. His use of contrast and juxtaposition are really interesting. A lot of his photos use soft textures that almost make the photographs look like paintings. He only has 3K followers but we’re hoping to help bump that up.

william_patino photo

William_patino – Another Australian photographer that does some great landscape shots. His style is one that frequently appears in nature photography, including the use of slow exposure to capture motion and high color saturation. He’s at around 23K followers and growing. What’s with Australia and the nature shots? I’m looking at you Peter Lik — where’s your Instagram?

curious2119 photo

Curious2119 – This guy delivers medical supplies for a living and takes photos of rural areas as he goes. He takes photos around Wisconsin and Minnesota, for the most part. He has over 500K followers; for a delivery man he sure has a good eye for a nicely set up shot.

nasa photo

NASA – These may not be landscapes/cityscapes, per se, but they are really damn cool. They post everything from pictures of planets to nebulae. They, surprisingly, only have around 300K followers. It’s true what they say: We don’t support NASA anymore …

Action Photographers

calibertrucks photo

Calibertrucks – This is a skateboard truck company that has some great action shots from people riding with their gear. These guys take the composition of their action shots to a level many skateboard photographers don’t get to. They’re really good at capturing unique positions for each action shot too. One of the people who helps run the company is a professional photographer so it’s no surprise. They have about 10K followers and are based out of Southern California.

surfinglife photo

Surfinglife – Some great surfing photos here. Who doesn’t love a good shot from the inside of a wave? They also have a pretty good sense of humor. Surfing Life is an Australian surf magazine, out of Queensland, that’s been around since the 1980’s. We swear the government of Australia did not pay us to feature so many of their artists. They have over 40K followers.

gopro photo

GoPro – GoPro is a brand of premium action cameras used by extreme sports enthusiasts all over the world. Their Instagram has some really cool shots from exotic and unusual settings. Their cameras are sold in more than 50 countries. They have over 1 million followers, probably because their reach and subjects are so diverse and interesting.

Redbull photo

Red Bull – The people that jumped from the edge of our atmosphere obviously have a pretty cool Instagram. The best thing about their Instagram is that it covers a wide array of action shots, kind of like GoPro. They have almost one million followers, most of whom are really energetic. Their photos are often intense and capture the peak of the moment that someone made the leap into oblivion.

Xgames photo

Xgames – The X Games has dirt bikes, rally cars, skateboarding, winter sports, and pretty much anything extreme (imagine that). They post some great videos on their Instagram so you can watch when it’s not on the tube. One of the coolest things about this account is getting to see candid shots of your favorite extreme athletes that you wouldn’t necessarily see elsewhere. They just broke 200K followers.

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