Victoria Sambursky

Victoria Sambursky

I’ve spent the last 15 years of my professional life perfecting my writing craft, contributing to several magazines, managing multiple clients, and obsessing about everything tech, art, and culture. On a personal level, I love raising my effervescent daughter, finding obscure bands on Spotify, traveling, and working on my scorpion pose in yoga - it’s hard!

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Climb-On Maps changes the climbing game by getting you there faster and safer

More than just a simple smartphone application, Climb-On Maps goes the extra mile by giving users incredibly detailed information on climbing routes and how to reach them. Its founders told us why they hiked thousands of miles to make the…

How Instagram’s being used to make the outdoors more inclusive and diverse

Though there exists a problem with diversity as it relates to the outdoors -- referred to as the adventure gap -- many have turned to the social media platform Instagram to raise awareness and make the outdoors more inclusive.

To shoot photos this epic, sometimes you’ve gotta break some ankles

Once a professional climber, Tim Kemple decided to change gears and start photographing extreme sports. We sat down with him to learn why he made the switch and how he managed to finish a shoot in Iceland despite a broken ankle.

Ted Hesser shot the most iconic eclipse photo of the century. Here’s how

We caught up with photographer Ted Hesser to talk about how he captured our pick for the best solar eclipse photo at Oregon's Smith Rock State Park and the kind of gear he turned used snap the photo of the century.

How Jelly used robots to create its clear, bulletproof skateboards

We talk to Sven Alwerud about the story behind Jelly Skateboards' clear, bulletproof boards, and how he teamed with his father to use robots to build them.

Fighting fear and frostbite, Chris Burkard surfed Iceland and captured it all

Chris Burkard sat down with us to shed light on the rigorous process behind his new surf flick, "Under An Arctic Sky." From the harshest storm Iceland's seen in 25 years to packing the right gear, Burkard tells all.