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Forget about your pulse; Electrozyme wants to analyze your sweat

Electrozyme opts for sweat analysis instead of the boring pulse rate

forget pulse electrozyme wants analyze sweat wearable fitness sensor
Sure, the Samsung Simband can measure everything from blood pressure to how many cookies you ate that morning you stupidly decided to go for a jog. As far as sweat is concerned, however, it doesn’t seem to do very much with it. Enter Electrozyme, which takes things a step further by actually analyzing your sweat.

In an interview with PSFK, Electrozyme co-founder Jared Tangney said his fellow co-founder, Josh Windmiller, developed the technology while getting his PhD at UC-San Diego due to a lack of innovation in the sensor space. “Sensor innovation is extremely lacking in the wearables market,” said Tangney. “All the fitness devices out there measure your pace and your heart rate, that’s about it.”

While the Fitbits and Fuelbands of the world want to be on your wrist, Electrozyme opts for a bio-sensor strip destined for any part of your skin. The strip warns you when you run low on electrolytes and will let you know when you should take a break and rehydrate. It even gives you a preemptive warning when it determines you’re about to drop from heat exhaustion.

As for when these sensors will be available, Electrozyme is reportedly aiming for 2015 to license its platform, though it could take longer for its platform to be incorporated in other devices. Speaking of which, the company is reportedly in talks with manufacturers to make that a reality. Interestingly, Electrozyme is exploring other options, such as warning you of cramps, measuring your fatigue and pH levels, and recording any physical exertion.

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