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These new clothes from Guess make putting on lotion as easy as getting dressed

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To be competitive in today’s clothing market, you can’t just be another item on a rack — rather, you’ve gotta go beyond fashion. And thanks to a new design from Guess, your latest pair of jeans from their Jeancare collection is going to do much more than keep you covered — they’ll slim your butt and thighs, and more impressively, they even claim to hydrate, nourish, and soothe your skin. Who knew that a fabric reinforced with blood flow-improving ginkgo extract, antioxidant-laden vitamin E, and the delightful smells of lavender and chamomile would ever grace our bodies?

These wonder clothes work by way of a multitude of microcapsules that are embedded throughout them. When you walk, the capsules burst, releasing this nourishing mix onto (and I suppose into) your skin. And it’s not just regular old blue denim that make use of this impressive new technology — Guess has also applied the formula in white skinny jeans, high-rise leggings, a pencil skirt, a dress, and a crop top. The cheapest piece in the collection starts at $59 (for the top), and prices go up to $128 for the pants. And considering the price of other designer jeans, this price range for clothing that doubles as a personal spa is not bad at all.

Of course, the obvious issue with this design is keeping it clean — a Guess spokesperson warns against “heavy washing” for fear of soaking away all the extra features, and since your clothes are made to smell like lavender, you won’t have to worry about your natural odors anyway (up to a point, at least).

So if you want to “feel as good as you look,” invest in one of Guess’ Jeanwear pieces, and never worry about lotioning, working out, or I guess, showering again.

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