Will Lovely, the wearable for your penis, enhance your sex life?

Biological evolution turned ape to man. Technological evolution turned the Fitbit into Lovely, the wearable for your penis.

With wearable devices becoming increasingly commonplace, it was only a matter of time before someone decided that if wrists deserve an accessory, so too do genitalia. Enter Lovely, “the smart wearable sex toy for couples.” As its IndieGoGo page explains, the gadget “monitors your body movements during sex and sends this data to the Lovely app.” This information is then used to do a number of things, including (but not limited to) providing you with personalized ideas and suggestions regarding your sex life, showing you “new interesting positions to try next time,” and most importantly, monitoring how many calories you managed to burn during sex.

The silicone device claims to be one-size-fits-all (a strategic move, perhaps) and is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. During sex, it vibrates, serving not only as an excellent tracking device but also as a sex toy. And with a battery life of seven hours, you can be sure that you’re all set for the night with just a single charge.

In its promotional video, Lovely’s sex and relationship expert Reid Mahalko notes, “It doesn’t just have to go on a penis. You can put this wearable on a dildo, you can put it on your fingers, you can use it on a toy on yourself. It’s really only going to be limited by the ideas that you come up with.” The demand for the wearable sex toy is impressive, with the campaign raising $9,800 in its first four days.

To date, 233 people have pledged $27,917 to the project, and the $99 Lovely super-early-bird is already sold out. But fret not: If you’re itching to try one, you can still donate from $129 to $2,100 (the distributor level) to secure a Lovely of your own. The team has 27 days left to reach its goal of $95,000, which seems more than achievable considering their success thus far. And we have to admit, a device that can detect sexual positions is employing some pretty advanced technology.

So go for it. Become an early adopter, and determine just how Lovely your life can be. Just don’t share that data with us on social media.