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Watch Nokia’s canceled smartwatch in action in this leaked video

nokia moonraker smartwatch video leak
There are plenty of tech products dreamed up by designers in tech companies that never make it to the light of day. A case in point is the Nokia smartwatch. The device was being worked on under the code name Moonraker by Nokia, and was almost launched alongside the Lumia 930 in 2014. Then Microsoft bought out Nokia’s phone business, and the device was shelved in favor of Microsoft’s own Microsoft Band fitness trackers.

While we did get a few images of the device a few years ago, we now have a video that shows exactly what the device could do. The video comes courtesy of YouTuber Nokibar, and it shows some of the basic features of the device that never came to be.

For example, the device features a button for switching between the apps and the main screen, and it seems like you can long-press on the screen of the watch just like on the Apple Watch or on an Android Wear device. We can also see a range of other basic functions, like notifications, email, messaging, and so on. The device also had basic fitness tracking features like step counting, however its fitness tracking was nowhere near what we see on devices like the Apple Watch these days.

When it comes to the design of the watch, it seems a little plain — it offers a square watch face similar to the original Samsung Galaxy Gear that was released back in 2013.

Interestingly enough, the device was canceled in favor of the Microsoft Band, which has now been canceled as well. Microsoft was planning a Band 3, however it seems as though the company has now ended its plans for wearable devices running Windows 10.

You can check out the unreleased Nokia Moonraker in the video below.

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