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fossil gen 5 lte carriers global release 2021 news ces pink wrist

Fossil will bring its Gen 5 LTE smartwatch to more carriers and countries soon

The Fossil Gen 5 LTE smartwatch may only be available on Verizon in the U.S. at the moment, but there are plans to change this over the next six months.
Valencell sensor.

A blood-pressure sensor is the holy grail for wearables. Valencell has one

Biometric company Valencell says it can measure your blood pressure from your wrists and fingers and ears with PPGs, truly transforming our wearable devices.
alphabeats neurofeedback relaxation music app interview ces 2021 han dirkx

AlphaBeats changes music into medicine to relax your brain

By subtly manipulating your music, AlphaBeats' clever algorithm can train your brain to relax. The startup's CEO explains in an interview how the tech works.
ces voy tunable eyeglasses eyewear vision voy1

These tunable eyeglasses let you adjust focus on demand

Why settle for bifocals when you could be wearing glasses that can be refocused to suit the situation? That's the idea behind Voy eyeglasses.
Wondercise three-point tracking system

Wondercise wants you to exercise with perfect form without costly equipment

At CES 2021, Wondercise announced that the new Motion Match exercise-tracking system can use three points to measure exercise form.
oneplus band news colors

OnePlus launches its first wearable, but it’s not a smartwatch

OnePlus has introduced its first wearable device, and rather than a smartwatch, it has leapt into the world of low-cost fitness trackers with the OnePlus Band.
skagen jorn hybrid hr ces 2021 news

Skagen’s new hybrid smartwatch has an e-ink screen and mechanical hands

Just because it's a hybrid smartwatch, doesn't mean the Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR doesn't have a screen. It does, and it has a heart rate sensor, too.
amazfit gtr 2e gts ces 2021 news wrist

Amazfit GTR 2e, GTS 2e smartwatches strip out some tech to get price to just $140

The Amazfit GTR 2e and GTS 2e remove some of the features found on the GTR 2 and GTS 2 smartwatches to lower the price and improve the battery life.
fossil gen 5 lte verizon ces 2021 news wrist

Fossil launches the Gen 5 LTE, its first smartwatch with a cellular connection

Fossil launched the Gen 5 LTE smartwatch, its first with a cellular connection, meaning you don't have to have your phone with you to make and receive calls.
michael kors access gen 5e darci mkgo ces 2021 news

Smartwatches don’t come flashier than the new Michael Kors Access Gen 5E Darci

It's only January, but Michael Kors is already in the running for the flashiest smartwatch of the year with the new Access Gen 5E Darci and Gen 5E MKGO models.
honor band 6 magicbook pro ces 2021 news pink

The Honor Band 6 and Honor MagicBook Pro set for global release

Honor has announced the global release of the Honor Band 6 fitness band and the Honor MagicBook Pro laptop, and both will have shipping options to the U.S.
Petpuls A.I.-powered dog collar

This A.I.-powered collar translates your dog’s barks and body language

Petpuls' new A.I.-powered smart collar claims to distinguish between different types of barks that your dog makes to tell you how it feels.
airpop active plus smart mask news  yellow training

AirPop’s Active+ Smart Mask tracks your breathing like Fitbit tracks your steps

AirPop has made face masks for years, and now has a smart version that connects to your phone to monitor the air around you and the way you breathe.
casio g shock b5000rd 4er news wrist face up

Unusual red ion-plated finish on G-Shock’s newest metal watch looks stunning

Casio has chosen an unusual red finish, created using an ion-plating process, for its newest metal B5000 series watch. The striking model also has Bluetooth.
fossil gen 5e review wrist pocket

Fossil Gen 5E smartwatch review: Just a little too ordinary for its own good

Fossil knows how to design a good-looking smartwatch, which is proven by the reasonably priced Fossil Gen 5E, but does the lack of up-to-date hardware hurt it?
magsafe charger illustration

We really hope Apple doesn’t add MagSafe to everything, but fear it will

What if Apple decided to introduce its MagSafe system on more products, aside from the iPhone? We imagined such a world, and didn't like what we saw.
Man wearing Apple AirPods Pro outdoors.

We can’t believe this incredible AirPods Pro deal is still going on at Staples

Staples continues its sale on Apple AirPods Pro earbuds, but don't wait long. Apple deals sell fast.
samsung galaxy fit 2 review wrist bike

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 Review: Simple, honest, and good value

The Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 costs just $60, and although it's not for the serious fitness fanatic, it's very tempting for the rest of us.
Amazon Echo Frames (2nd Gen)

Amazon Echo Frames (2nd Gen) review: Alexa all the time, every time

The Amazon Echo Frames (2nd Gen) gives you access to Alexa all the time, while also doubling as a pair of headphones and smart speaker.
Wyze Watch vs Amazfit Bip U

Wyze Watch vs. Amazfit Bip U

The Wyze Watch and Amazfit Bip U are two super affordable smartwatches that look strangely similar to the Apple Watch. But which one is the best budget watch?
casio g shock mtg b2000 hands on features price photos release date gshock mtgb2000 pocket

New upscale, connected G-Shock deserves a place in your heart, and on your wrist

The latest G-Shock MGT-B2000 watch adds another helpful, easy-to-use feature to its Bluetooth connection, and gains a stunning new design at the same time.
Oppo Watch

The Oppo Watch is very good, but it also makes me very angry

The Oppo Watch may be Oppo's first Wear OS smartwatch, but it gets a lot right, as it outperforms many competitors. However, it's hard to get past the design.
apple watch se review activity rings

Way more than watches: Where wearables are going

Next-gen wearables will be much more than watches. They'll help us train our bodies, stay healthy, and give us amazing new powers. Here’s what’s coming.
wyze watch exposes smartwatch major problem opinion

The Wyze Watch exposes the one major problem I have with smartwatches

Smartwatches have so many features and uses, but the Wyze Watch presents itself as an interesting alternative. In fact, it exposes a problem with smartwatches.
wristcam apple watch camera news

Wristcam brings two cameras to your Apple Watch — again — for $299

Is having a camera on your Apple Watch the feature you've been hoping for? If so, this unusual accessory may be for you, if you can stomach the $299 price.
fitbit versa 3 deal amazon black friday 2020 2 fi 768x768

The best Cyber Week Fitbit deals for 2020

Fitbit is one of the biggest names in activity and fitness trackers. Here are all the best Cyber Week Fitbit deals and what to look for when purchasing one.
porsche design huawei watch gt2 product name hands on features price photos release date pocket

The luxury Porsche Design Huawei Watch GT2 is all about the name

Porsche Design has teamed up with Huawei once again to produce a great looking version of its latest smartwatch. We find out what makes it special.
black friday 2020 deals still available featured resized

This is the top-selling tech gear of Black Friday 2020

Black Friday 2020 set a new record for online shopping after customers dropped $9 billion on a range of products, with tech gear proving as popular as ever.
person swimming with Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 on

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 down to just $50 at Amazon for Cyber Monday

Today you can get the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 for just $50. If you’re shopping for Cyber Monday smartwatch deals, this is one you should definitely check out.
apple watch series 3 smartwatch bargain se and apps

How to delete apps on an Apple Watch

Do you have a lot of unused Apple Watch apps cluttering up your device? Clean them up and save storage space with this easy how-to!

How to factory reset an Apple Watch

If you're giving away or selling your old Apple Watch, a factory reset to clear off all your data is a must. Here's how to to factory reset an Apple Watch.
g shock faze clan dw6900 limited edition news face

G-Shock’s striking FaZe Clan DW6900 is the brand’s first eSports collaboration

G-Shock's new collaboration is with the e-sports organization FaZe Clan, and the celebratory DW6900 watch's release coincides with the team's 10th anniversary
F1 drivers race in the Grand Prix of Turkey.

Red Bull Racing has a secret weapon for Formula One drivers: Sleep

Red Bull Racing has named the Oura Ring -- a smart ring that gathers sleep data on the wearer -- as its first Official Health Technology.
amazon kills echo loop improves frames

Amazon kills Echo Loop, improves Echo Frames

Amazon has chosen to discontinue their Echo Loop, while doubling down and improving the functionality of the Echo Frames, a set of smart eyeglasses.