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5 high-tech gifts that will woo her more than flowers

If you’re tired of buying your lady love chocolate and flowers every February 14, have no fear — there are plenty of great gifts out there if you know where to look. Our favorite Valentine’s Day gifts are undoubtedly high-tech, and we’ve put together a list of some of the coolest tech gifts you can buy for your leading lady this V-Day.

VanDerWaals portable device charging handbags ($300+)


This purse changes color with an app to match your outfit or color you photograph, and it’ll even charge your phone. What more could a girl ask for? VanDerWaals’ bags come in three sizes: a tote, a clutch, and a small crossbody bag. All three are made from genuine leather and come in your choice of leopard or snakeskin print. There’s also a fun party mode, which makes the bag sporadically change colors on its own.


Molami Plica on-ear headphone ($100)


Molami’s lineup of highly fashionable headphones is quite lovely, and ranges from an intriguing headwrap with built-in headphones to a sleek pair of on-ears called the Plica. All of the Swedish company’s headphones are also made from premium materials. The Plica come in either black or white Napa leather, with sleek metallic accents designed to match your jewelry. The headphones even produce great sound via a pair of 40mm Dynamic Transducers, and, best of all, they won’t look absurd on a woman’s head.


Bellabeat Leaf activity tracker ($150)


Bellabeat’s Leaf is the most attractive and elegant fitness tracker we’ve ever used. Not only is it a gorgeous piece of smart jewelry that tracks your physical activity and sleep patterns, but it also guides you through breathing exercises and offers positive feedback. The Leaf comes in three stylish color options: silver and light wood, rose gold and dark wood, or gold and dark wood. You can wear it as a bracelet, clip, or necklace. Read our full review here.


HButler Mighty Purse wristlet ($100)


The joke goes that a woman’s life is in her purse, but many women are missing a key tool: an external battery to top off their smartphone. MightyPurse is one of many companies currently popping compact batteries into bags for quick charging on the go. You can snag a charging wristlet, wallet, clutch, or crossbody bag in premium leather and a wide variety of colors. Some of the bags will even charge up your phone twice over.

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LuMee iPhone 6 illuminated case ($55)


Sometimes, romantic dinner lighting isn’t the best for selfies. Luckily, Lumee makes a handy iPhone case that has LED lights all around the front of the case, so that are your selfies are perfectly well-lit. The case comes in snazzy metallic colors to match your iPhone, too, or bright fun colors for those who want the case to really pop. The case may add some bulk to the svelte iPhone, but it’s Kardashian approved and fits the iPhone 5S, 6S, and 6SPlus.


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