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After Another Suicide, Foxconn Decides to Hire Older Workers

One day, years from now, when college students are sitting in public relations classes discussing the right and wrong types of media attention, the Taiwanese-owned Foxconn will likely dominate the “how-not-to” list.

Following the twelfth employee suicide this year (plus more than 30 failed attempts), Foxconn has announced that it will begin to issue an exam to incoming employees to test for any hidden mental health issues, according to Digitimes. Foxconn, owned by the Taiwanese Hon Hai, will also begin seeking to hire more “mature” workers. Of the 12 suicides this year, the majority were made by employees younger than 22.

The news follows the suicide of a 22-year woman identified as Miss Liu. Liu was hired at Foxconn in March, and was reportedly taking at least two types of anti-psychotic medicines, which the company was unaware of. Liu jumped from the roof of the Foxconn plant, where she was caught by nets, set up specifically to catch potential jumpers. Although the nets did catch Liu, she later died of her injuries.

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