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Travel with a bunch of friends and stay in European castles via Airbnb

Would you pay $25 a night to stay in a private Scottish castle on a 2,000-acre estate by the sea? Sure, if you want to travel through Europe you can save money by staying in hostels, but why not stay in castles instead? More than half of Airbnb’s home-share properties are located in Europe, and that means castles, too, as reported by Tech Insider.

From Malta to Spain, Italy, France, England, Scotland, and Ireland, the list goes on and on. As you might expect, many of the listed castles have existed for centuries, certainly throughout the last few hundred years referred to as “modern history.” Some have history of their own, including a former abbey that was closed by Henry VIII and a castle in Ireland that has been owned by the same family for 800 years.

Of the Airbnb castles selected by Tech Insider, the most expensive was Augill Castle in Cumbria, England. The listed charge is $8,176 per night, but with a capacity of 16 guests, it works out to $511 a person.

Most of the castles have room for 16, usually in eight guest rooms, but some have occupancy for 14 or 12. Castillo de Barambio in Cuenca, Spain has a capacity of eight guests and is a relative bargain at $287 per night for the whole castle or $36 per person.

The very best value, overall, is that $25 per night per person castle in Scotland. With a per night price of $389 to rent the entire castle for 16 people, you’ll get to enjoy the grounds, including a maze and two private beaches. Dunskey Castle is located in Portpatrick, Scotland. The full Airbnb listing has 67 photos of the rooms and grounds.

Be aware that the prices and availability of the Airbnb listings above and in the Tech Insider report may vary depending on demand, availability, and currency values. Generally speaking however, and especially if you travel with 7 to 15 of your best friends, there should be an Airbnb castle for every taste and budget.

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