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Amazon’s Stream feature means your online shopping experience may never end

amazon stream
Amazon appears to be testing out a new feature called Stream that let’s you view an endless list of products from its online store in an easy-to-view, flowing format.

Yes, you might well call it “Pinterest-like” – it certainly has that feel about it as you drift forever downward with endless images filling the display.

Amazon’s offering at the moment allows you to filter items into just four categories: Men, Women, All, and Your Saves, where anything you particularly like the look of can be saved for further investigation later.

The only information you get on Stream’s main page is an image of the item together with its maker and price, and the option to place it in Your Saves.

Click on a snazzy watch or smart shirt – or some other item that has you feeling around for your wallet – and you get a super-short description as well as its current customer rating.

Best of all, if the impulsive part of your personality suddenly overwhelms you, there’s a button taking you to the item’s more familiar product page on Amazon’s main site, allowing you to place your order in no time at all.

If you’re wondering how the e-commerce giant decides which items to show on Stream, there’s a note at the top right of the main page that explains everything. “These products are sponsored,” it reads.

Amazon, a company not known for holding back when it comes to sounding off about new features, is yet to issue any kind of press bumph on Stream, suggesting it’s still very much in the testing phase.

The new feature, which comes with the tagline, “Beautiful things, updated daily,” could be the perfect place for shopaholics in need of a bit of inspiration, or for those who’d like to have the experience of browsing Amazon’s giant online store brought back to basics.

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