Bouqs is planning to disrupt the flower delivery industry

While we should all probably be thankful for our mothers every day of the year, the day we’ve officially sanctioned to celebrate the women who brought us into the world is finally upon us. And here to help you show your appreciation for the phenomenal individuals who held you when you cried, laughed at all your jokes, and are, in a word, wonderful, is flower startup Bouqs. The company is already on track to deliver 250,000 bouquets for Mother’s Day alone, and differentiates itself from other flower vendors on the market by taking out the middle man. Or perhaps more accurately, being the only middle man.

While traditional flower delivery services have a long succession line, starting with farms, then moving to importers, wholesalers, florists, then order gatherers, before finally making its way to you, Bouqs does something different. The company promises to “cut on the day you order and deliver straight from the farm so you get the freshest Bouq possible.” This, the startup asserts, means that farmers are better compensated for their plants (receiving on average 20 percent more than they would with traditional flower services), fresher flowers for your mother (or whoever else is lucky enough to receive a bouquet), and the confidence that you’re ordering from a trusted source. Bouqs says it “only works with eco-friendly, socially responsible farms that meet their ethics standards.”

Already, the flower startup has raised over $19 million in funding, and has begun disrupting a global flower industry that’s worth over $50 billion.

While it’s probably a bit too late to order from Bouqs to get your mom some flowers today, the startup has done some research as to which states are the most on top of their game when it comes to honoring the most important women in their lives. South Dakota residents were most prepared, ordering their flowers 13.2 days before the needed arrival date. Indeed, most of middle America is on top of their Mother’s Day game — Utah, Kansas, and Idaho also were prepared well in advance. It also seems as though women are doing more of the ordering for their moms, with female orders comprising 67 percent of the total.

And not surprisingly, today is one of the flower industry’s biggest days, at least by Bouqs’ count. When comparing orders for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, the company found today is about 81 percent more popular than the February holiday.

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