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Get a gift you actually want with Sugarwish and its candies

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We may say that it’s the thought that counts, but wouldn’t you rather receive a gift you actually, you know, want? That, at least, is the surprisingly revolutionary (and sweet) idea behind Sugarwish, the company that wants to give you what you’d like to get. And better still, it’s in the form of candy.

The brainchild of Denver-based entrepreneurs Leslie Lyon and Elisabeth Vezzani, Sugarwish is founded upon the simple principle that a gift should be as easy and fun to send as it is to receive. Rather than relying upon the safety of gift cards or the risk of a more “thoughtful” (though not necessarily desirable) gift, the two businesswomen decided to make use of the universal joy brought about by sugar, and turn it into a personalized gift.

At its core, Sugarwish is a candy gift that the recipient chooses. Starting as an eCard and ending as a sweet delivery, gift recipients are first notified that they’ve been given some sugar, and can then pick the types of sweets (or savory snacks) they’d like to receive. The gifting process itself is instantaneous — simply enter the recipient’s email address and allow the lucky guy or gal to make selections. After a few days, the physical box of treats arrives at their doorstep … or place of business if you want to make their coworkers jealous.

Currently available in five sizes, each Sugarwish comes adorably packaged and fresh to your door. You can choose the Duet Sugarwish, comprised of two quarter bags of candy for $16.50, or make your way all the way up to the Ultimate Sugarwish, which comes with 16 bags of candy for $70. There’s also the Wish & Dish option for more special occasions, complete with little candy dishes that come filled with four different kinds of sweets.

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